Full report: The conditions necessary for a successful return to work

Studies show that after working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees overwhelmingly want to go back to the office—at least one day a week. With positive vaccine trials increasing the chance that there will soon be a viable vaccine, businesses now have an opportunity to plan for the future by considering what a back-to-the-office plan could look like. They can learn from the experiences of those who had the opportunity to return to the workplace in the fall in order to devise an effective strategy.

For business leaders, the most crucial factor for success in bringing people back to the workplace is instilling confidence in their employees and gaining their acceptance. But what makes an employee feel safe and productive when they return to the office?

In October 2020, WeWork, in partnership with brightspot strategy, a research and strategy firm, conducted a global blind survey to determine the policies and conditions that impact an employee’s performance after returning to the workplace. The study also highlights the strongest approaches businesses can take in making the return a success.

Read about the conditions necessary for a successful return to work by accessing the full report below.

(This PDF is currently available in English.)