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Corporations worldwide are immersing themselves in the WeWork community. We’re collaborating with industry-leading companies to challenge the idea of traditional workspace.

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Annual Cost Comparison

At WeWork, you pay for basically everything you would get renting another office, but for 25% less per month.

    • Administrative Expenses

    • Office Amenities

    • Cleaning + Maintenance

    • Design + Construction

    • Rent Expense

*Based on 2016 New York City pricing.



WeWork Office

Typical Office*

Enterprise Offering

Whether you’re looking to establish a 500-person headquarters or a one-person satellite office, WeWork can create a custom workplace experience that eliminates hassle, inspires employees, and fosters a culture that attracts top talent.


Dedicated, private, and custom floors to serve as a corporate headquarters.

(Ex: Finding your own lease)

Satellite Offices

Private, flexible office solutions for corporations to house sales, marketing, engineering, and innovation teams in markets around the world.

(Ex: Executive office suites)

We Membership

Global access to touchdown space, offices, and conference rooms for business travelers and remote workers.

(Ex: Hotel rooms/business centers, airport lounges, coffee shops)

Benefits of WeWork

    • Immediately establish a global footprint through our worldwide network of offices.

    • Save time with our easy, flexible, all-inclusive, and turnkey solutions.

    • Leverage the broader WeWork community for inspiration, expertise, capital, and talent.

    • A corporate environment with a unique company culture.

    • Save money through our cost­ effective pricing and amenities.

    • Take advantage of our amazing brand and event platform.


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