Grow your community

A WeWork member referral can lead to big rewards for yourself, new members, and the broader community. Start referring today as a current member or employee.

How it works

When you refer people you know to WeWork, they’ll receive one complimentary month for every 12-month commitment. (*Not available in Taiwan and Hong Kong.) As the referrer, you’ll be eligible for up to $5,000.* Start referring people by sharing your personal referral link or submitting their workspace needs. (*Reward amounts are based on the new member's desk count. See below.)

Desk count: 1 to 3

Reward amount: $500

Desk count: 4 to 10

Reward amount: $2,000

Desk count: 11+

Reward amount: $5,000

WeWork donation

To celebrate our growing community, WeWork has made a donation to The Nature Conservancy—taking our impact further.