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In the heart of downtown, this Seattle office space occupies all six floors of the Holyoke Building, the first to be constructed after the Great Seattle Fire of 1889. The coworking space combines historic charm—exposed brick and stone walls, high ceilings, and tall windows—with polished, contemporary Northwest interiors. There are lots of open and airy common spaces and an event space on the lower level. Feel free to bring in your dog to work—it’s a great way to meet other members.

The building tends to attract more established companies, especially those looking for a cool community and peaceful place to work. Pioneer Square, filled with great restaurants, is just a few blocks away. You’re easy walking distance from the Seattle Ferry Terminal, and the closest bus stop is a couple of blocks away. There’s parking in a building just across the street. For an office space that combines a historic feel with a modern vibe, come to WeWork Holyoke.

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  • Dành cho cá nhân và nhóm nhỏ
  • Wifi nhanh, cà phê và trà uống thỏa thuê, v.v.
Chỉ từ $29/ngày*

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Phòng Họp: WeWork On Demand

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  • Phù hợp với các nhóm lớn nhỏ
  • Wifi nhanh, trang thiết bị nghe nhìn hội nghị và hơn thế nữa
Chỉ từ $8/chỗ ngồi/giờ*

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Chương trình thành viên Hằng tháng: WeWork All Access

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Làm việc từ Hơn 500 địa điểm


  • Bao gồm 1 yêu cầu đặt chỗ không gian văn phòng chung/ngày
  • Bao gồm 5 tín dụng/tháng để đặt phòng họp và văn phòng riêng
  • Bao gồm in ấn 120 trang in trắng đen, 20 trang in màu/tháng

*Cộng thêm thuế và phí hiện hành


Làm việc từ Hơn 180 địa điểm


  • Bao gồm 1 yêu cầu đặt chỗ không gian văn phòng chung/ngày
  • Bao gồm 2 tín dụng/tháng để đặt phòng họp và văn phòng riêng
  • Bao gồm in ấn 60 trang in trắng đen, 10 trang in màu/tháng

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Địa điểm

107 Spring St Seattle, WA 98104

Hệ thống vận chuyển ở gần đây

  • 2nd and University

  • Nearby parking structures (average $5/hour)

  • I-5 North and I-90 South

  • 3rd and Seneca, 2nd and Spring

  • Storage available. There is also a bike share station 2 blocks away

  • The Washington State Ferry Terminal is about 5 blocks away

Mọi người nói gì

Peter Anderson-Hoelzer

September 28, 2023

I would recommend! Very very clean, great amenities, and a good value.

Gokce Gokmen

August 27, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the WeWork space at the Holyoke Building in Seattle. Compared to other WeWork spaces I've visited, including San Francisco WeWorks 600 California, 650 California, Embarcadero 2, and Los Angeles WeWorks Constellation Place, 222 Pacific Coast, and Pacific Design, the Holyoke Building is a unique blend of professionalism, creativity, and community. Plus, I didn't see any shower available in other locations and such a huge wellness room with yoga blocks and stretches! Matt and Cesar, the community managers at Holyoke, deserve special recognition. Their dedication to fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring members' needs are met is truly commendable. Their friendly and approachable demeanor creates a sense of belonging that's hard to find elsewhere.

Jamie C

March 24, 2022

I recently started working in a start up and living on the island of West Seattle so I am new to coworking. I explore the options on my side of the water but WeWork seem to have a lot better options for people that are on calls more often than heads down. This location is definitely the easiest to access from West Seattle with a short water taxi ride and a walk. It’s never too busy for you feel uncomfortable and I think being around other people that are working helps focus. There are even dogs allowed at this location which cheers me up during a long day of calls! The staff at this location, that I have met so far—Cesar and Emma have been extremely helpful and kind and are doing an overall great job. They really go out or their way to build a community and help you when you have no idea what you’re doing, get locked out, run out of cold-brew, or forget what floors you can go to. It is always spotlessly clean as well. The decor this location is really nice. The only changes that I wish were possible would be probably in more natural light or consistent access to the first floor. I usually hang out in the basement because it’s less busy but I feel like not getting any natural light probably isn’t good for me over the long term. When I visited the Bellevue location it had a really great natural light and a ton of space, but that commute was just not worth it. It’s worth giving coworking a try and this location is a great choice if you’re thinking about it. I am looking forward to whatever community events they may have in the future and getting to know the people that cowork here—and theWeWork team—more.

Brian Baird

December 15, 2021

Awesome location. Seattle ocean view put on a stellar show from the WeWork office. Beautiful!
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