Flexible space, flexible deal structures, and a commercial real estate partner that brokers can trust. WeWork helps you quickly adapt to today’s changing real estate landscape—so you can find space for your clients when and where they need it most.

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Your go-to real estate partner for social distancing at work

WeWork understands the unique real estate challenges your clients are facing as the world returns to the office. Our flexible platform can quickly address your clients’ most pressing concerns—like distributing their workforce to accommodate social distancing or navigating costly construction delays.

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Solutions that flex to your client’s needs

Today’s clients have to consider office density, shifting goals, employee happiness, health, and safety. WeWork offers flexible solutions so your clients can use our clean, safe spaces as they see fit—whether that means spreading out across one building, multiple offices, or the world.

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Global inventory—available instantly

Our global inventory suits companies of all sizes—from small business to enterprise. And our agile operations mean we can get companies up and running in their new space in no time.

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Transparent Broker partnership

We’re committed to paying our broker partners quickly and efficiently. Brokers can expect to: Receive 10% of year 1 contract value or 5% of the total contract value—whichever is higher—for new business. Earn 3% of the net new contract value for renewals and expansions. Receive all payments upfront at signing.

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