Redefining the Satellite Office

Connect and meaningfully engage your global workforce with WeWork’s satellite office solutions. With more than 150 locations across 50 cities worldwide, setting up a satellite office with WeWork is a smart, cost-effective solution to accommodate your business’s growing regional and global teams. We partner with you to help your company expand and contract based on your business needs. Wherever your employees need to be, we offer turnkey, flexible and culture-rich spaces that motivate and inspire.
Get in touch and we’ll help you find office space to connect your global team.

WeWork builds the best places to work. But what does that really mean?

Local to Global

From Brooklyn to Buenos Aires, WeWork conveniently lets you establish a global footprint. Traditionally, sourcing satellite office space in various markets is fragmented and disjointed and it can be difficult to find the right work environment that complements your HQ’s culture. We streamline the process by offering an end-to-end workspace solution. With our industry-leading software and technology your company will be able to move around smartly by using data-driven analytics to better understand how your teams are using space across the globe. Finally, we’re quickly adding locations to our global network, giving your company the opportunity to expand with us in exciting markets.

As Flexible as You

WeWork provides elastic commitments that let you enter or exit new markets and explore a wider range of real estate options. Whether you’re looking to scale your current HQ, test a new market or expand your global team, a partnership with us helps your enterprise get to where it needs to be.

Turnkey and Cost-Effective

All of our workspaces are move-in ready. Refreshingly designed, fully furnished and amenity-rich, WeWork’s satellite offices are a full-stack solution. We handle everything from sourcing your real estate, to designing and building your workspace and ultimately operating your office (IT, electricity, cleaning, HVAC and facilities management), eliminating operating expenses and reducing the need for investing additional capital or resources.

With WeWork, you’ll bridge the distance between your HQ and its satellite offices, bringing a connective energy and culture to your employees near and far. Whether it’s across town or halfway around the world, you’ll optimise your workforce and catalyze your business’ success.