How two HR leaders attract and retain talent

Follow along as two HR leaders, one working alone and one with WeWork, have very different experiences

A company’s most valuable asset is its people. This past year has been hard for employees everywhere—as well as for the human resources professionals tasked with ensuring employees feel satisfied and connected to the company. Follow along as two HR leaders look to hire and retain top talent. One goes the traditional route, while the other works within a WeWork space.

Sift through the pile

Illustrations by Ivan Ehlers.

Digging through piles of résumés in your recruiting software is not fun. Instead, you can gain access to a host of opportunities as a WeWork member.    

First impressions

You found a promising candidate! Now, do you want to show them a drab office? Or a beautifully outfitted, airy office that’s purposefully designed to promote focus and productivity? 

Take a bus to a train to a bus, or…

Once you’ve hired your chosen candidate, it’s time to onboard them. Show them how to commute to a traditional headquarters—a tiresome and time-consuming journey. However, with WeWork All Access, employees can work from hundreds of WeWork locations around the world. Being able to access the location closest to them means less time spent commuting. 

Rest assured 

Worried about safety measures in the office? WeWork spaces prioritize safety with social distancing policies and signage, and WeWork was awarded a Global Certificate of Conformity for its COVID-19 response plans.

A space to work wherever you are

Employees may have to travel to other cities to meet clients or other teams. What kind of space can you provide for them? They can work from their hotel bed. Or, with WeWork All Access, they can work from the same kind of purposefully designed location no matter what city they’re in. 

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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