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16 Great Chapel St

16 Great Chapel St
          London W1F 8FL

4.1 | 16 reviews

Rakennus on miltei täynnä!
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  • 16 Great Chapel St Office Space
    Rakennus ulkopuolelta
  • Yhteistyöskentely (16 Great Chapel St)
    Yleiset tilat
  • 16 Great Chapel St Reception
    Yhteisön oma baari
  • Yhteistyöskentely (16 Great Chapel St)
    Outdoor Terrace
  • Yhteistyöskentely (16 Great Chapel St)
    Hot Desk -työpistetyötila
  • Kokoushuone (16 Great Chapel St)
    Small Conference Room
  • 16 Great Chapel St Reception
    Yhteisön oma baari
  • 16 Great Chapel St Office Space
  • 16 Great Chapel St Office Space
    Yleiset tilat
  • Kokoushuone (16 Great Chapel St)
  • 16 Great Chapel St Office Space
  • Kokoushuone (16 Great Chapel St)

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Hot Desks are not offered at this location.


16 Great Chapel St London W1F 8FL
  • Lähialueen kulkuyhteydet

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    Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus
  • parking icon
    London Q-Park Soho (£8/hour)
  • freeway icon
    A40, A501, A4202
  • bus icon
    Oxford Circus Bus Stop
  • ferry icon
    Dover Ferry


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  • Ulkotila
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  • Suihkut
  • Nopea langaton Internet-yhteys
  • Kokoushuoneet
  • Toimipisteen henkilöstö
  • Siivouspalvelut


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Mark M.

WeWork-rakennuksia hoitavat yhteisön hallintatiimit ovat rautaisia ammattilaisia ja valmiina auttamaan jäseniämme kaikin mahdollisin tavoin.

What people are saying

4.1 | 16 Google reviews

December 12, 2019
Its a quite small we work office branch but that comes with benefits. The receptionists are very friendly. Its nice to have an office right at the heart of London. 100% recommended.
Irshad Khan
April 11, 2019
Small size with good people in the community panel
Julian Wiggins
January 4, 2019
If it’s anything like the Heaven Class Swansea City FC hospitality then I can’t wait to visit. #PopSugarLove
Leonardo Novoa
December 12, 2018
Excelent and warm comfortable place to gather for a meeting or small worshop. Nice and clean, good lighted enviroment. Cozy place.
Thanh-Thao Nguyen Huu
26. marraskuuta 2017
Never saw a place like that before ! Great working space
Spyros Lambrinidis
10. lokakuuta 2017
Coolest place to work in london
Paul Stewart
August 12, 2017
Amazing working space!!
Fouad Assaf
6. toukokuuta 2017
Great co-working atmosphere
Laura Blancarte
February 27, 2018
Good location and excellent view from roof terrace but more meeting rooms would be better.
Medina Sfetcu
December 17, 2017
Resident benefits are awesome. Nice chill atmosphere. If smoking were allowed on the terrace it would be perfect.
1. toukokuuta 2017
As usual a great collaborative space from WeWork. This one is a much smaller location than their usual facilities which lends it a more 'initimate' feel.
Kyle Han
April 11, 2017
Not that spacious
Manos Nikolaidis
March 11, 2017
Good shared working space with welcoming lounge.
13. kesäkuuta 2017
Good facilities
Nestor J Portillo
July 6, 2019
noisy, the staff is not courteous and the facility is not well maintained. Not sure if the franchisee understood the wework aim
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Office Space to Rent Near Oxford Street

Once home to the London College of Contemporary Arts, this London office space has long corridors lined with offices that call to mind an art gallery. The entire London coworking space, from the basement to the fifth floor, is dog-friendly and has a warm, relaxing vibe. And there are lots of amenities, from a screening room for six people to a game room to a rooftop terrace with comfy furnishings. WeWork Soho-Sheraton House attracts a mix of companies, including real estate, technology, and media companies focused on film and music. The coworking space is a five-minute walk from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road Underground stations and is directly across from the new Tottenham Court Road entrance for Crossrail, a train line that speeds across the city into surrounding areas. This office space is perfect for any company that wants a central location with quick access to areas like Victoria and Mayfair.

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