How six influencers use WeWork Access and WeWork On Demand

Social media influencers need spaces where they can create content and collaborate with others

WeWork Gotham Center in Long Island City, NY. Photograph by WeWork

In just three years, influencer marketing has grown from a $1.7 billion market in 2019 to a staggering $16.4 billion market in 2022. Sponsored content is one of the most popular social media marketing trends, with 93 percent of marketers using influencers to drive the bulk of brand engagement.

Though the influencer life may seem glamorous and easy from the outside, influencers have a lot of work to do behind the scenes, including connecting with clients, strategizing, creating content, maintaining an audience across multiple platforms, and managing a personal brand. That takes a lot of time and energy—a single post may require weeks or even months of planning and work.

In recent years, as influencer marketing has become more strategic and widespread, many influencers have started looking to coworking spaces for versatile workspace and access to meeting rooms. 

WeWork on Demand and WeWork All Access are flexible and affordable office space solutions that seem tailor-made for the influencer life, with its frequent travel, collaboration, and heads-down planning. Both offer access to hundreds of locations in cities worldwide.

WeWork On Demand is a pay-as-you-go model, with no monthly commitment. Members use the WeWork app to book a desk for a day or a conference room for an hour. WeWork All Access is a monthly subscription solution in which members can work from WeWork buildings near them or around the globe.

Both memberships include shared amenities, including unlimited coffee, Wi-Fi, printers, and other perks. Here’s how six social media influencers rely on WeWork to manage their brand whenever they need it, wherever their lifestyle takes them.

A busy influencer works anywhere her projects take her

Influencer Adebisi Adebowale has a lot going on professionally: her life-coaching career, her African-inspired accessory brand, a fashion blog, and motivational-speaking engagements. Whether work takes her to New York City to talk confidence-building with high school students or to Paris for a working vacation at her favorite location, WeWork 92 Av. des Champs-Élysées, Adebowale relies on her WeWork All Access membership for clean, comfortable workspaces where she can manage her many endeavors.

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Adebowale especially loves WeWork’s short- and long-term booking options that fit her always-changing schedule—and the “open, high-ceiling environments that make everyone feel welcome.”

A food, travel, and lifestyle influencer finds beautiful workspace in Boston 

Foodie Marwa Osman devotes her time to locating and sharing awesome local hot spots for food and fun on her blog, Boston Food List. Whether she’s sharing her thoughts on a hip new restaurant, or chronicling her staycation at an upscale hotel, Osman needs a reliable place to connect with her audience and conduct her influencer coaching and consulting business. That’s where WeWork comes in.

Osman appreciates the variety of meeting rooms and private workspaces available to book at WeWork, but she prefers the collaborative energy offered in the public lounges and workspaces in each building. She loves WeWork One Seaport Square, and with more than a dozen WeWork locations spread across Boston and the globe, Osman can always find a comfortable spot to hunker down and share her thoughts on her latest local experiences—no matter what neighborhood she’s in.

An advocate for the chronically ill finds a dog-friendly workspace 

Candace Camper spends her days promoting awareness and advocating for people with chronic illnesses who live in the greater Chicago area. Camper, who suffers from chronic, severe migraines, requires accessible workspaces—her constant companion is her service animal, a golden retriever named Clea. WeWork’s many locations across Chicago provide both the accessibility and the flexibility Camper and Clea need.

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Over the past three years, thanks to Clea, Camper has been able to lead an independent life and pursue her daily routine, and she helps others find the same freedom. During her work day, Camper, a WeWork All Access member, takes advantage of the variety of spaces each WeWork location offers, from spacious lounges where she often finds networking opportunities to quieter spaces for heads-down work. Since WeWork offers multiple dog-friendly office locations for service dogs and pets alike, Camper is happy knowing that her trained and capable assistant is nearby to help her get through migraine attacks and the after-effects.

A travel-blogging couple finds peace and productivity 

A passion for travel and adventure brought Toti Maisto and Alessia Vurchio together, and the Italian couple has transformed that passion into a successful blogging and influencer marketing career under the brand name Toti & Ale. The London-based, expat duo documents their adventures finding food, exploring historic buildings, and enjoying their nomadic life abroad. WeWork’s global workspace availability and top-notch Wi-Fi reliability make it easy for them to use their WeWork All Access membership to work in comfort wherever they’re traveling, whether it’s across Europe or throughout Asia.

Even back home, Maisto and Vurchio prefer WeWork spaces over working from home. Their favorite? WeWork 10 York Rd in London, situated close to Waterloo Station, Embankment, and Charing Cross. “Since we started using our WeWork membership, we felt so much more productive and actually got loads of work done,” Maisto says. 

A multi-disciplined creative finds inspiration in bright, beautiful workspaces

Lady Divine is a London-based filmmaker, photographer, and graphic designer who values a workspace that allows her the freedom to create wherever she may be in the sprawling metropolis. WeWork’s London locations allow Lady Divine to collaborate with friends and clients in an office setting—and she loves how easy it is to reserve whatever kind of space she needs for the day using WeWork On Demand.

For Lady Divine, inspiration is always part of the package, thanks to WeWork’s modern design elements and bright, sunlit spaces filled with plants and art.Visiting WeWork always gives me that extra drive,” she says.

A fashion influencer finds convenient workspace on the road

Influencer and entrepreneur Alina Rafikova juggles a custom-made clothing brand and a sustainable line of deodorant—which means life on the road attending movie premieres, product launches, and other glamorous events. To accommodate her busy schedule, which takes her across the UK and Ireland, Rafikova needed an affordable workspace option with essential amenities—and she found it all with her WeWork All Access membership. 

Rafikova’s favorite WeWork perk is being able to invite her friends and colleagues to collaborate together in a meeting room or a quiet work area. She also enjoys the complimentary beverages including coffee and tea.

Influencers may make it all look easy, but it’s challenging work—and many in the field need an office space where they can put in a productive day. 

WeWork All Access and WeWork On Demand give influencers that perfect balance of flexibility and familiarity. Whether they’re looking for a quiet pod for focused work, a meeting room for collaborating, or a common space that provides inspiration and networking opportunities, they’ll find it in every WeWork location.  

Zach Vosik is a seasoned content writer living in Omaha, Nebraska. When he’s not helping brands connect with their audiences through words, Zach is a dilettante photographer and chef.

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