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2 Eastbourne Terrace

2 Eastbourne Terrace
          London W2 6LG

4.4 | 46 reviews

Rakennus on miltei täynnä!
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  • 2 Eastbourne Terrace Office Space
    Rakennus ulkoapäin
  • 2 Eastbourne Terrace Reception
    Building Entrance
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
    Yhteisön oma baari
  • 2 Eastbourne Terrace Office Space
    Hot Desks -työpisteet
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
    Outdoor Terrace
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
    Recreational Games
  • Kokoushuone (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
  • Kokoushuone (2 Eastbourne Terrace)
  • 2 Eastbourne Terrace Office
    Phone Booth
  • Yhteistyöskentely (2 Eastbourne Terrace)

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from £700/mo

Hot Desk -työpistejäsenyys

On-Demand-käyttöikeus jaettuihin työtiloihin sekä yleisiin tiloihin


2 Eastbourne Terrace London W2 6LG
  • Lähialueen kulkuyhteydet

  • metro icon
    Lancaster Gate, Paddington station
  • freeway icon
    A40 and A5
  • bus icon
    Westbourne Terrace, Bishops Bridge, Cleveland Terrace, Paddington Station/ Eastbourne Terrace
  • bike icon
    Storage available


  • Pysäköinti
  • Sopii koirille
  • Ulkotila
  • Pyörävarasto
  • Hyvinvointihuone
  • Tapahtumatilat
  • Suihkut
  • Barista


Etsitpä sitten tietoa, inspiraatiota tai ajanvietettä, täällä tapahtuu aina jotain mielenkiintoista. Tutustu uusimpiin tapahtumiimme:

  • Yoga with Caitlin
  • Meditation with Briony
  • Pilates with Box Mind
  • Happiness & Self-Kindness Workshop with Luminate
  • Dancercise with Reset LDN
  • Kids Lullabies with The Kids Concert Company
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Rebecca T.

WeWork-rakennuksia hoitavat yhteisön hallintatiimit ovat rautaisia ammattilaisia ja valmiina auttamaan jäseniämme kaikin mahdollisin tavoin.

What people are saying

4.4 | 46 Google reviews

Sergio Santos
March 12, 2020
Good place
Catherine Bedford
March 9, 2020
WeWork is great, especially the Paddington one. There is so much negative press about WeWork and its over-hyped valuation. But if you have a Start Up business, as I do, the truth is it is great value, enjoyable to work at and professiona... Read more WeWork is great, especially the Paddington one. There is so much negative press about WeWork and its over-hyped valuation. But if you have a Start Up business, as I do, the truth is it is great value, enjoyable to work at and professionally run. I don't write many reviews, so this is a testament to how WeWork makes its customers happy!
Lorand Minyo
March 7, 2020
Excellent location, friendly people and awesome tenants.
Oksana Hyryak
March 4, 2020
Great great place
Ludwig Kilian
22. marraskuuta 2019
Great place to get some work done away from home
Flemming Lyngbeck Hansen
15. lokakuuta 2019
The seed shop Shown on Google, did not exist there. It had moved years before
David Timoteo
July 10, 2019
Richard New
July 3, 2019
Fantastic services offices, great facilities
Peter Walsh
2. toukokuuta 2019
(Translated by Google) WeLove (Original) WeLove
Florence Corr.
April 5, 2019
The perfect office space! Love the variations of work space, from public to private etc. The offices are smart, and a lovely place to work, and the staff are always helpful and friendly.
Mina Tailor
March 20, 2019
I really like the decoration of this place. The office is amazing and the staff is friendly and helpful!
Luis Sánchez
March 12, 2019
Beautiful offices, like all weworks I have been in
Dana Dasz
February 25, 2019
Giacomo Del Lungo
February 23, 2019
So cool! I love the free craft beer on every floor, the music in the bathroom and the party every week ❤
Farida Hashem
February 17, 2019
GREAT concept, professional staff.
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Paddington Office Space To Rent

Just north of Hyde Park, this sizable office space puts you within walking distance of Paddington Station, as well as the Paddington and Lancaster Gate Underground stations. Occupying all seven floors of a modern building accessed through revolving doors, our coworking space near Paddington includes amenities like bike storage, a wellness room, a game room, and a pair of sunny terraces. WeWork Paddington has a very upbeat yet laid-back vibe, which makes it a conducive space for members to collaborate on great ideas. There are a variety of companies represented at Paddington, from cosmetics to sports to publishing. Near popular restaurants like Smith’s Bar and Grill, it’s just a short walk to trendy Notting Hill and the eateries of Little Venice. If you’re looking for a space where you can meet lots of other enthusiastic and forward-thinking people, you can’t beat WeWork Paddington.

WeWork’s Unique Coworking Space in Paddington

Because this neighborhood is synonymous with people on the go, the travel concept behind Paddington’s design was a no-brainer. Maps, wayfinding, and modes of transportation adorn the space, conjuring visions of exploration and encouraging the mind to wander to the next big idea. Every day is a journey, whether that means thinking in new ways or making new friends. WeWork Paddington has an upbeat but laid-back vibe, making it the perfect space for collaboration. Our spacious, unique common areas, micro-roasted coffee with barista, and weekly events are a huge draw—but that’s not all. The space boasts a pair of sunny terraces perfect for meetups and perks like bike storage, a wellness room, and a game room. Jump start your business’ journey when you join us at Paddington.

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