Tokyo Square Garden

Tokyo Square Garden 14F, 3-1-1 Kyobashi
Tokyo 104-0031

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  • Tokyo Square Garden Coworking
    Hot Desks
  • Tokyo Square Garden Coworking
    Common Area
  • Tokyo Square Garden Conference Room
    Conference Room
  • Tokyo Square Garden Reception
    Community Bar
  • Tokyo Square Garden Coworking
  • Tokyo Square Garden Conference Room
    Conference Room
  • Tokyo Square Garden Office
    Private Office

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Địa điểm

Tokyo Square Garden 14F, 3-1-1 Kyobashi Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0031
  • Hệ thống vận chuyển ở gần đây

  • Direct connection to Kyobashi Station | Ginza-Icchome Station (2 minute walk) | Takaracho Station (2 minute walk)

Finding Office Space in Tokyo Square Garden

If you’re looking for coworking space in Tokyo Square Garden that connects you with vibrant network of professionals and entrepreneurs, WeWork is the ticket. Soaring above the 14th floor of a modern building complex, our space boasts beautifully designed common areas, unique conference rooms, sleek private offices, an arcade room, and an outdoor terrace. The building is directly connected to Kyobashi metro station, making the commute a breeze; plus, the Tokyo and Yurakucho JR stations are also within walking distance. Need a break between meetings? Step into one of the many art galleries or architectural showrooms nearby to recharge your creativity. Directly below the building, there’s also a variety of restaurants —a tranquil setting for client dinners or team celebrations. Whether your company has one employee or thousands, WeWork’s coworking space in Tokyo Square Garden will help you keep them productive and engaged. Schedule your visit today to learn more.

Mọi người nói gì

4.2 | 18 nhận xét trên Google

yusuke muto
tháng 11 7, 2023
Anwar Isa
tháng 9 12, 2023
tháng 4 6, 2023
仕事が出来るシェアオフィスです 東京駅から徒歩5分位のところにあります。明るく眺めも良いです 清潔で落ち着いた空間で仕事ができます。 フリーのコーヒーや夕方以降ビールあり 親睦イベントも毎日やっています
Dana G
tháng 10 26, 2022
Awesome place to work in. Free drinks, some snacks available. Music is not to loud, easy to ignore. Work desks are plenty, sofas comfortable, everything is very clean and looked after. People are friendly. Would recommend :)
Con Dan
tháng 10 9, 2019
Vikash Ranjan
tháng 12 20, 2018
Working in this cool environment is very convenient for a better result ..Love this idea and concept really.
tháng 11 10, 2018
11/1に東京スクエアガーデンにオープンしたばかりのシェアオフィス。国内7拠点目ということもあり、どんどんクオリティが上がっています。 京橋エリアを一望できる窓際の席で作業や打ち合わせをするのはとても気分が良いですし、コミュニティエリア(ラウンジ)にATARI社が生んだ名機「PONG」が2台備え付けられていて、無料で遊ぶことができるのも○。 WeWorkメンバーなら、週末は子どもたちを連れて遊びに来ることもできます。
tháng 5 5, 2023
窓からの景色はかなり良好。 他サイトの口コミではあまり 良い事書かれてはいないが、 まあ、、、見た感じはフツー
Yoji I
tháng 4 28, 2023
tháng 6 20, 2022
tháng 6 3, 2021
Samurai Panda
tháng 11 3, 2020
tháng 3 3, 2020
tháng 1 16, 2019
Ryohei ARAI
tháng 12 20, 2018
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Takamitsu I.

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