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Calle 26 # 92-32

Surrounded by booming business across industries, WeWork’s coworking space in Fontibón is the place to be for established businesses and budding entrepreneurs alike. Four floors of this modern, five-story building are dedicated WeWork space, providing you unfettered access to highly functional common areas, sleek private offices, and unique conference rooms designed for productivity and engagement. Conveniently located a 10-minute drive from El Dorado airport and surrounded by several upscale hotels, this location is ideal for staying productive between business trips or entertaining clients from out-of-town. At the heart of the Connecta Business Center and just down the road from Amazon’s first Colombian service center, networking has never been easier. Make a lasting first impression with WeWork’s coworking space near near Santa Cecilia. Schedule a visit today.

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Không gian văn phòng tại Calle 26 # 92-32

Chương trình thành viên không gian văn phòng chung

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Calle 26 # 92-32 Bogotá, 110911

Mọi người nói gì

Jorge Andres Rojas Pedraza

May 11, 2023

Esta ubicado en una konecta una sona empresarial y al lado del centro comercial Nuestro Bogota, que permite encontrar multiples comercios ( restaurantes, tiendas, gimnasios ). El edifico de We Work cuenta con parqueadero, donde tambien puedes guardar tu cicla. Referente a los espacios, creo que como empresa tienen una promesa de valor que se evidencia en las fotos, son espacios limpios, comodos y que motivan al trabajo en equipo, la creatividad y energia. cuenta con una serie de amenidades y servicios que hacen que la experiencia sea muy buena .

Alejandro Neira

January 21, 2023

Me encanta

David Cañon

December 14, 2022

Hay cerveza 😝

Ricardo Duran

December 09, 2022

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