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Apply to join the Veterans in Residence program

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WeWork has teamed up with Patriot Boot Camp to support startups founded by veterans, providing workspace and incubator communities in Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and DC.


The WeWork Veterans in Residence program is a new initiative we’re launching with our partners, Patriot Boot Camp, to help equip military veterans with the skills to pursue their life’s work.

We believe that by working together every person and every community can powerfully affect positive change around the world. And we believe we have an obligation to advance that vision by being an active partner in our our communities and through supporting our military veterans.

We are excited to offer the Veterans in Residence program, as an opportunity for veterans to continue their mission as part of a new tribe - of creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs - and to create their place in the new economy.

Whether you’re starting a new business, looking to build your network, or trying to find your next career - the WeWork Veterans in Residence program provides workspace, educational programs, 1:1 mentorship, services, and community for veterans and military spouses.


To apply, tell us how being a WeWork Veterans in Residence would help you find or achieve your next mission.

If selected, you will recieve sponsored workspace at WeWork for 3-6 months, access to the Veterans in Residence Quarters, participate in startup education programs, receieve 1:1 mentorship with startup leaders in your community, and join the exclusive Patriot Boot Camp community.


  • Sponsored workspace at WeWork
  • Membership to the Veterans in Residence Quarters
  • Veteran startup education program and weekly 1:1 mentorship sessions
  • Access to the globl community of 100,000+ creators via the WeWork digital member network and across 140+ WeWork communities around the world
  • Access to 1,000 veteran entrepreneurs via the Patriot Boot Camp community
  • Build the community by organizing monthly events & speaker series
  • Mentor other veterans in the community via weekly office hours
  • Discounted rate on WeWork membership rate for alumni

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