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12 Hammersmith Grove

12 Hammersmith Grove
          London W6 7AP

4.4 | 18 reviews

이 지점은 거의 다 찼습니다!
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  • 12 Hammersmith Grove Office
    빌딩 외관
  • 12 Hammersmith Grove 코워킹
  • 12 Hammersmith Grove Reception
    Front Desk
  • 12 Hammersmith Grove 코워킹
  • 12 Hammersmith Grove Office Space
  • 12 Hammersmith Grove 컨퍼런스룸

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12 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7AP
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    12 HG is just 2 minutes walk from Hammersmith station with connecting lines from the District, Circle, Hammersmith & City and Piccadilly lines. Direct links to and from Paddington, Green Park, King’s Cross and Liverpool Street. The A4 (M4) runs directly through Hammersmith, connecting the area to Heathrow, Reading and Bristol to the west and the City of London via the Strand to the east.
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What people are saying

4.4 | 18 Google reviews

Tim Queen
January 14, 2020
Wework Hammersmith is a very nice co-working space located 5 minutes from Hammersmith station. Had the pleasure of organizing an event here and couldn't have been happier. Awesome team!
Dino Sparta
January 10, 2020
Love this place, I have a small window office with all facility ameneties you could ask for. Super friendly staff, very helpful. Great place to work out of
Martin Willmore
2019. 11. 23
Went to meet someone for business and got amazed about the idea of working there, exellent the third floor, spacious and luminous, the bar, the sofas, everything!
Nancy Cariah
2019. 11. 9
Wonderful office
Little Hearts Muesli
2019. 10. 13
It was nice sponsoring The High profile club, the staffs were just fantastic. #littleheartsmuesli. The only tasty Heart shape non gmo Vegan and vegetarian friendly cereal snack with no artificial flavour or colouring. Our mission is ... Read more It was nice sponsoring The High profile club, the staffs were just fantastic. #littleheartsmuesli. The only tasty Heart shape non gmo Vegan and vegetarian friendly cereal snack with no artificial flavour or colouring. Our mission is to promote a healthier snacking society to enhance productivity, happiness and well-being whether it be at home or at work. Leading with the innovative snack-food Little Hearts Muesli. The only heart shaped vegan and vegetarian muesli snack with real fruit pieces and dark chocolate that reduces cholesterol.  Littleheartsmuesli.co.uk
shefat sb
2019년 9월 8일
Lovr it
Amir Selim
2019년 9월 3일
Such a cool working environment
Céline Phan
2019년 5월 14일
Great place to focus on work!
Fynn Merlevede
February 12, 2019
Minimalistic Co-working space with awesome atmosphere. Super nice people.
Rick Zec
December 11, 2018
Awesome workplace.
brian millward
2018년 9월 10일
Very modern offices, Good Internet access, very friendly, staff eager to please and lovely coffee
Kaushik Seetharaman
July 4, 2018
Fun way get work done.
Anna Long
February 23, 2018
Awesome place to work. They are providing many classes in the lunch time and even cider after 3pm! What's not to like 👍
Prakash Babu Jasthy
July 13, 2019
Very nice and pleasant place for startups with all office arrangements by paying monthly rent.
Annabelle Semler-Collery
July 4, 2018
Love wework, this one has a slightly less wework vibe given it's not a flagship building so it stays a bit corporate but facilities are nice, it's well located in Hammersmith and has large communal space areas
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Office Space to Rent in Hammermsith

Elevate your workday and inspire your team at WeWork Hammersmith—a serviced office built by experts and designed with love. Situated inside a sleek glass building in West London, our three floors of coworking space feature cosy lounges, private phone booths, dedicated meeting rooms, and private offices beaming with light. With a convenient location just moments away from Hammersmith station, you’ll have easy access to connecting lines—and direct links to and from Paddington, Green Park, King’s Cross, and Liverpool Street. After work, take advantage of our close proximity to some of the city’s finest pubs, including The Grove and Stonemasons Arms. At WeWork Hammersmith, everything you need is within reach. Book a tour today.

WeWork’s Hammersmith Grove Coworking Space

Inspired by the area’s tranquil riverside setting, open parks, and lively shopping districts, our designs at our Hammersmith offices give you room to create and grow. From an endless supply of micro-roasted coffee and custom art to cheerful plants and friendly onsite staff, we’ve considered every detail. Whether you’re a team of one or 100, our private offices and vibrant community keep the inspiration flowing from Monday to Friday. Join WeWork in our Hammersmith office space today to reap the benefits.

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