The next evolution of commercial property

In the hybrid workplace of the future, business strategy aligns with employee preferences

Companies around the world have undergone a seismic shift in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re coming out better for it. For many, the classic office model of all-bums-in-seats from 9 to 5 is over, especially as employees and executives have proven that working remotely can be efficient and productive, even for extended periods of time. 

That said, it’s been widely acknowledged that there is a spark of creativity and collaboration that only comes when people get in a room together to solve problems or innovate new business ideas. With that in mind, businesses are turning to hybrid work solutions.

Smart flexibility

Employees have spoken: they want a better quality of life, and that means the flexibility to work where they want, when they want. Businesses are coming up with their own hybrid strategies to support this desire. WeWork is a partner in this evolution.

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WeWork provides spaces for employees to come together in person and collaborate, meet with clients and build human connection – in short, to do all the things you can’t (or don’t want to) do over Zoom. Companies can spread out over a full floor or even an entire building, with the option to flex as the company expands. 

WeWork’s global portfolio helps businesses grow into new cities and countries while offering a consistent employee experience worldwide – with access to the top technology, amenities, desk space and conference rooms from location to location. 

What’s more, WeWork makes the transition into workspaces seamless – partnering with businesses to provide everything they need, and always ready to adjust as needs change. The value of a reliable property partner, with no third party required, makes for a more custom, streamlined experience for everyone.

Solutions that work for everyone

More than half of Fortune 100 companies have come to WeWork for traditional corporate headquarters, smaller satellite offices or on-demand workspace for teams. Those who wish to customise their space can do so fully, with enhancements like finishing, branding, technology and office accessories. And with products like WeWork All Access, a monthly subscription that allows employees to work from hundreds of WeWork locations around the world, you can give employees ultimate flexibility.

The future of work has changed, and WeWork is here to make the transition smooth for enterprise companies. Hear from forward-thinking CEOs and business leaders about how they’re planning for the future of work, and how WeWork can support that evolution.

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