11 unexpected amenities at WeWork locations around the world

From exercise rooms to valet parking and swimming pools, unique perks abound

Across all industries, employers are doubling down on their investments in office space. By providing a flexible, intentionally designed office that also includes amenities to make the working day more enjoyable and productive, companies can use their space as an asset to improve the employee experience.

While an outdoor terrace or a cool café area can’t fuel success on their own, office amenities can reinforce employee-first culture, increase engagement and boost productivity. There’s a lot of research behind how taking breaks, participating in physical activity and socialising can help staff members recharge, think more creatively and build meaningful connections with one another.

For instance, providing opportunities to take active breaks (whether it’s doing a few yoga stretches or putting a round of mini golf) can help stimulate blood flow, which in turn can help employees power through projects. One study found that the top 10 per cent of productive employees work an average of 52 minutes and then take a 17-minute break. 

Here’s a look at amenities at WeWork office locations around the world, which are designed to enhance the employee experience and help people do their best work. 

An exercise room in Beijing

Because exercise results in so many benefits, including improving thinking skills while reducing stress and anxiety, many employers offer on-site fitness rooms, like this one at WeWork Baifu International Building where people can get in a quick burst of cardio.

A rock climbing wall in Seoul

The common area at WeWork Seolleung takes physical activity to the next level with its rock climbing wall. 

A swimming pool in San Diego

At WeWork Aventine, employees can get in a few exercise laps before or after work. The poolside seating areas also offer an inspiring spot for informal meetings and employee get-togethers.

Valet parking in Monterrey

Some office amenities are simply about convenience. Valet parking adds a hospitable touch to the employee and visitor experience at WeWork Boulevard Antonio L. Rodríguez 1888

Hammocks in São Paulo

Employees at WeWork Atílio Innocenti 165 can take a load off in these comfy hanging hammocks. Sofa people are covered too, in this cosy corner of the office. 

An outdoor terrace with mini golf in Bogota

The outdoor terrace – complete with mini golf course – at WeWork Carrera 7 No.116-50 offers employees fresh air and a respite from their desks.

Dart games in Seoul

A little game of darts with co-workers can help employees at WeWork Samseong Station find their focus. 

Bike racks in Tokyo

Cycling to work can help employees start the working day full of energy. That’s why WeWork Nogizaka offers a bicycle rack wall for cycling commuters.

Table tennis in Busan

A game of table tennis at WeWork Seomyeon gives employees a welcome afternoon break. 

A pool table in Mexico City

A little friendly competition can stimulate some employee bonding. WeWork Arcos Bosques features a pool table in the break area to cue up a bit of fun between projects.

A yoga room in Shanghai

Who says work can’t be relaxing? If it has a tranquil yoga room, like WeWork 66 Tianjin Lu does, employees can enjoy a stretch session and come back ready to take on the day.

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