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Santa Monica Office Spaces

Santa Monica is a great place to build a business. Despite its tourist-driven economy, the city enjoys an eclectic mix of local businesses in its Downtown business district, making Santa Monica capable of catering to just about any want or need. Whether you’re a freelancer or you own a business of 100 employees, WeWork has Santa Monica office spaces available that can help you become an active part of the city’s vibrant business community. With our organic networking potential and flexible month-to-month office rentals, WeWork’s office spaces in Santa Monica are exactly what your business needs to get ahead.

Discover WeWork’s Santa Monica Office Spaces

If there’s a more beautiful place to operate a business than Santa Monica, you might be hard-pressed to find it. Located right on the Santa Monica Bay and sporting a pleasant year-round climate, it’s not hard to see why this city has been one of the most popular tourist destinations of the 20th century. Built on the backs of its amusement piers and the expansion of the Pacific Electric Railroad in the 1920s, Santa Monica suffered tremendously through the Great Depression but rebounded in dramatic fashion during the manufacturing boon of World War II. Later, in 1966 when the Santa Monica Freeway was completed, the city experienced a new era of prosperity thanks to the influx of new residents and businesses it provided. It’s a trend that continues to this day, especially among environmentally-conscious businesses and organizations. Santa Monica is one of the most active municipalities in the nation in regards to sustainability and environmentalism, so for a business with an eye on the future, there’s no better place to be. At WeWork, our Santa Monica office spaces provide the type of environment that modern businesses need to increase their productivity, their network connections, and their profit potential. In providing state-of-the-art office spaces in Santa Monica, we make it easier for businesses to collaborate in a more organic way. With our complimentary refreshments, in-house cleaning crews, community managers, business-class multi-function printers, and regular lunch and learn events, our office spaces not only have everything you need to succeed, they also provide you with the community you need to be the best you can be. Try WeWork’s flexible month-to-month office space rentals in Santa Monica for your business and enjoy working again.