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Modernize your government’s office: introducing space as a service

In today’s world, governments need to be flexible. Not just in how they serve the public, but also in how they take care of their workforce. Governments are increasing teleworking, a new generation of civil servants are expecting an office environment that reflects the way they work, and budget offices cannot accept paying for space they don’t need. WeWork Government Solutions is a leader in delivering flexible workspaces that inspire teams, foster productivity, and help control government real estate costs.

The benefits of WeWork for government office space

We deliver inspiring, productive workspace for government employees that also meets security and IT compliance requirements up to and including SCIF space. We do it with unprecedented flexibility, so you don’t pay for space you don’t need.

Save Taxpayer Dollars
WeWork provides predicability and stability for every real estate budget.
Enhanced Term & Space Flexibility
WeWork spaces include access to kitchens, lounges, conference rooms, and training areas.
Immediate Occupancy
Eliminate agency down-time with move-in ready workspaces. More time to focus on the mission.
Employee Experience & Culture
With WeWork, you'll have a workspace that attracts and retains top tier talent.

Success Stories

As the leading space-as-a-service platform, WeWork has provided over 1,000 government employees, across four continents, with dedicated spaces that offer unmatched flexibility and enhanced workplace experience.

Defense agency goes off-base to drive innovation and attract talent

  • Since 2017, a major North American defense agency has used WeWork to scale a software development program from 20 to 400 people.
  • Their private floor has been built to their specs and security needs, which include secure access, secure space, and private IT networks.
  • The team has access to the broader WeWork community of startups, which helps with talent attraction and retention.

Intergovernmental Organization needs space quickly

  • A well-known Intergovernmental Organization needed space for dozens of employees after a natural disaster rendered their previous office unsafe. 
  • Using WeWork, they were able to find a turnkey solution in a matter of weeks, eliminating critical down-time.

A county government uses space to enhance telework program

  • A large county government in the U.S. wanted to implement a government teleworking program to improve employee satisfaction while reducing commutes and carbon emissions.
  • The need was for four satellite offices that could each accommodate 30 people.
  • Using WeWork, this government agency was able to quickly stand up a pilot program that improved employee experience and reduced commutes by roughly 17,000 miles.

A major transit agency needs customization while scaling

  • A major European transit agency had concerns about customization and scaling in their old space.
  • They turned to WeWork for a fully built-to-spec innovation space with a built-in growth plan to accommodate growing headcount.
  • WeWork’s design team worked directly with the agency to ensure the new space would inspire their employees and meet government requirements – all on just a three-year term.

“This project is significant because WeWork created an environment that helped our recruiting efforts, collaboration, and operational support to the mission. Every time we asked WeWork for support they have delivered and have surpassed our expectations. I would highly recommend their services to any government customer.”

Program Manager, North American Defense Agency

Private Offices

Standard Private Office
For teams of 1-30. Shared access to premium amenities and conference rooms.
Office Suites
For teams of 30-250, featuring private meeting rooms, executive offices, and operational support.
headquarters by WeWork
For teams of 50-250. Private floor with your own entrance, branding, and amenities.
Custom Buildout
For teams of 200+. Our design and real estate experts will create your ideal office from the ground up.

Amenities & Services

Onsite Staff
24/7 Security
Conference Rooms
High-speed Internet
Cleaning Services

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