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WeWork 120 Moorgate in London. Photographs by WeWork

Working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic can be difficult. At home, there are distractions, limited technology, and scarce face-time with managers and coworkers. After many months of that, most employees say they want to return to the office, at least for part of the week. Still, they don’t necessarily want to make the long commute to office headquarters on crowded subways, or to give up the flexibility they enjoyed while working from home. 

WeWork created WeWork All Access to solve these challenges.

WeWork All Access is your passport to hundreds of locations across over 150 cities worldwide. Whether you’re in Sao Paulo, Toronto, London, or Los Angeles, you’ll never be far from a WeWork location where you can access reliable Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, quiet workspaces, clean bathrooms, and unlimited coffee.

Curious about what that means for you and your teams? Read on.

The challenge: You feel uncomfortable commuting on public transportation

The solution: Walk or bike to a WeWork location close to where you live.

The ways we used to commute to work—in packed subway trains and buses—has changed dramatically during the pandemic. It’s understandable if you’re just not ready to do that again. Instead, WeWork All Access gives you the flexibility to go to a workplace closer to your home. That way, you can walk, bike, or scooter to a dedicated office space. There are hundreds of WeWork locations in more than 30 countries globally. Just in New York City alone, 96 percent of residents in Manhattan live within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from a WeWork building, according to a study by urban planning tool Replica. 

The challenge: You need more flexibility in your everyday life

The solution: Visit a WeWork location wherever you are in the city.

We all have life responsibilities outside of work. Perhaps you have a doctor’s appointment on the East Side one day, or have to pick up your child from school downtown another day. You need to be able to dip in and out of an office space close to where you need to be. WeWork All Access allows you to go into any WeWork location across the globe—so you can work from an office that is designed for productivity and make it to your next appointment on time.

WeWork Gangnam Station in Seoul, South Korea.

The challenge: You need a quiet place—that’s not your kitchen table—to get things done

The solution: WeWork understands that people need different types of spaces to perform various tasks during the course of a day. That’s why, in addition to areas for meeting, connecting, and socializing, many WeWork locations include private phone booths that you can access when you need quiet time for heads-down work.

Students who no longer have access to their university’s library can go into a clean space to study. Parents with children and those with roommates can get some alone time away from the noise at home. WeWork All Access allows you the ability to dip into any WeWork location closest to you. 

The challenge: You spend so much time traveling in between meetings that you have no time to actually work

The solution: With WeWork All Access, any WeWork location is your touchdown space.

The idea for WeWork All Access originated with Microsoft, one of our enterprise clients, whose New York sales division was based out of WeWork Times Square. The team was spending a lot of time going back and forth from Times Square to meetings all over the city. As an experiment, they were given access to all WeWork locations so that team members could head to the nearest WeWork in between meetings and take calls, work on presentations, or send emails—rather than spend all that time commuting.

WeWork Enam Sambhav in Mumbai, India.

The experiment was such a success that we made WeWork All Access available to all WeWork members looking to increase the productivity of their traveling workers. One major telecom company, for example, has given WeWork All Access to its Los Angeles sales team to save them from hours of driving—and sitting in traffic—every day.

The challenge: You’re heading into a meeting and need to print a presentation

The solution: Every WeWork location has fast Wi-Fi, easy-to-use printers, plentiful power outlets, and private phone booths for making calls.

WeWork Arcos Bosques in Mexico City, Mexico.

While each WeWork has unique design touches that reflect the local culture, those core business amenities are present everywhere.

The challenge: You’re in a different city from your headquarters, and you need to find a place to meet a client

The solution: WeWork All Access gives you the ability to immediately book conference rooms at any location via the WeWork app. And because our technology is consistent across locations, you won’t have to waste time figuring out how to connect your laptop or set up a videoconference.

If your meeting is more casual, you and your guests can connect in any of the location’s common areas, ranging from lounges to outdoor terraces.

WeWork Almirante Barroso 81 in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The challenge: Being on the road can be exhausting—and sometimes you need a little familiarity

The solution: WeWork is your home away from home. At every location, anywhere in the world, you know what you’re going to get. Being able to access this consistent experience, no matter where you are, can take some stress out of traveling and allow you to focus on your work.

Having WeWork All Access also makes you part of the worldwide WeWork community. At every location, WeWork Community teams are there to answer questions or lend a helping hand.

WeWork The Monument in London, United Kingdom.

Plus, wherever you may be, you can participate in WeWork events—from professional development sessions to networking breakfasts—that give you a network of future colleagues, collaborators, and friends.

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