Eight office entrances that make a good first impression

Entryways set the tone for prospective talent, giving them a glimpse of a company’s culture and values

What does your office entrance say about your company and culture? When clients, prospective employees, visitors, and staff enter, what do they see, hear, and experience? Are they warmly welcomed alongside motivated, invigorated employees? Or do they walk into a generic reception area that feels heavy and devoid of positive energy?

Talent acquisition is top-of-mind at most companies; 70 percent of respondents to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2019 survey cited recruitment as an important issue, and 16 percent said it was one of the three most urgent challenges their organization faces. While a number of factors go into a candidate’s decision to accept an offer, an office’s first impression and vibe can play a role.

A recent survey by WeWork and Reuters found that when U.S. workers were asked what would make them more satisfied with their job, the top wish was better work areas/facilities (13 percent)—more popular than higher pay (9 percent). The crucial role that the workplace has on the employee experience is one reason 86 percent of companies are reinventing or adapting their workplace standards with the goal of employee satisfaction, according to CBRE.

An entryway, in particular, can introduce a company’s narrative. Office entrances can reflect a company’s values, such as inclusivity; working style, like flexibility; or simply that this company is a place for which people are proud to work.

At every WeWork location, we strive to ensure that anyone’s first encounter is a positive and memorable one. That’s why WeWork office entrances are designed using a variety of elements and local touches to make them warm and inviting, and give a glimpse into the energetic and vibrant space beyond the front desk. Here’s a look at a sample of WeWork entrances around the world.

Los Angeles, California

Sleek floor-to-ceiling glass, shiny gray-and-white marble, and the warm glow of the overhead lighting feature give an immediate feeling of transparency and trendiness at WeWork 1601 Vine St

Toronto, Canada

The vibrant murals and hanging gold elements that greet visitors at WeWork 240 Richmond St W reflect the creative thinking that happens in the space.

Mexico City, Mexico

Stepping off an elevator can be a revealing experience. The airy space, geometric-patterned walls, and natural light offer a warm welcome at WeWork Park Plaza.

Shanghai, China

WeWork One ITC’s grand skylight ceiling, sprawling welcome mat, and touches of greenery create a sophisticated entrance that exudes a sense of energy and innovation.

Hong Kong

The entryway at WeWork 14 Taikoo Wan Rd is calming, with a cool blue wall, soft carpeting, and recessed lighting. But the neon-sign wall art and a friendly face who greets visitors give a hint to high-energy, bright workspace just beyond the glass doors.

Bogota, Colombia

The entrance to WeWork Carrera 7 #116-50 feels like a high-end hotel, with the seafoam-colored front desk and wall, and the artistic gold overhead lighting fixture. The feeling of hospitality and service sets the tone for what visitors can expect after checking in. 

London, England

Looking more like a neighborhood café, the entrance to WeWork 123 Buckingham Palace Rd. beckons guests to come right in.

Mumbai, India

The two-story entryway, peach color scheme, bright wall art, and greenery let guests at WeWork Raheja Platinum know they’re entering a vibrant, creative workplace.

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Dawn Papandrea is a freelance writer who covers work, personal finance, and higher education. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Family Circle and Monster.com. Follow her on Twitter.

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