Let there be office lighting

Light fixtures do more than just brighten spaces. They also highlight wellness and illuminate creativity

When it comes to office decor and ergonomics, proper lighting is easily overlooked. That is, until you find yourself with eye strain, headaches, fatigue, unhappiness, and low motivation—all from the glare of poorly placed overhead lighting reflecting off your computer screen. It’s a legitimate concern: Approximately 90 percent of workers are affected by computer vision syndrome (CVS), according to studies.  

Ergonomic lighting is vital for workplace wellness and productivity. Not only is it easy on the eyes, literally, it’s also nice to look at. Whenever possible, a workspace should have as much natural light from windows as it can. Beyond that, companies are learning to move away from the cliché of buzzing, overhead fluorescent lighting and get creative with functional and aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures. 

Here are some of our favorite examples of brilliant bulbs and luminous lamps found at WeWork locations around the world. These lighting solutions are each custom-tailored to the design and function of the space they inhabit—use them to inspire you and help illuminate the importance of good lighting.

A library feel

The recessed lighting and architecture of the ceiling at WeWork 400 Spectrum Center in Irvine, California, add a reading room–like feel to this gathering space. And for those inclined to grab a book off the built-in shelves, the adorable mini desk lamp provides some direct light. 

Levels of lighting

You’ll find a lot of variety in the lighting fixtures at WeWork 101 North 1st Avenue in Phoenix, beginning with the reception desk. It’s lit from above and below, with a trio of woven natural bamboo pendants hanging from the ceiling and geometric neon lighting on the front of the desk.  

Bright and sunny

The adjustable task lighting at WeWork Seolleung III in Seoul, Korea, puts workers in charge. They can tilt the lamps to avoid screen glare, or angle them directly for non-tech reading. Even the wall art gets some well-deserved attention with spotlights (and the neon sun hanging on the window wall is a beacon of cheer!). 

Around the globe

Globe lighting is modern and sophisticated but unexpected in a work environment. At WeWork 2 Eastbourne Terrace in London, the cluster of overhead globes illuminates the reception area and snack counter, making for a fun, bright surprise.

In the spotlight

At WeWork The Boardwalk in Irvine, California, oceanic blue seating and rows of plants reminiscent of dune grasses create a beachy vibe, but workers can focus on their work without screen glare thanks to the futuristic, minimalist overhead low lighting.

Symmetrical shine

The wicker hanging lights visually soften the modern open ceilings and plain white fixtures, adding balance to this casual space at WeWork 152 St. Georges Terrace in Perth, Australia.  


A fluorescent halo floats serenely above the rounded seating area at WeWork 729 N Washington Avenue in Minneapolis. In the other part of the space, the high hanging fixtures overhead add a touch of modern cool and indirect light as workers collaborate. 

Blue mood

The neon blue lighted wall and hanging globe lights in the stairwell let visitors know they’re about to step into the highly creative but warm and welcoming culture that is WeWork One Culver in Los Angeles. 

A ring of light

The ceiling chandelier at WeWork Station Square in Vancouver adds some elegance to this breakout area, giving it a living room vibe that encourages collaboration. The chandelier is hung high, so as not to interfere with the natural light coming through the wall of windows.

This article was originally published on January 16, 2020, and has been updated throughout by the editors.

Dawn Papandrea is a freelance writer who covers work, personal finance, and higher education. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Family Circle and Monster.com. Follow her on Twitter.

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