Finding office space for a client

Follow along as two brokers help their clients find office space—one on their own, and another with WeWork

Brokers have a lot to consider as they search for the right office space for their clients, from location and building condition to move-in times and expansion. Follow along as two brokers find the perfect site for their client—one on their own, and one by partnering with WeWork. 

Determine the client’s needs

Illustrations by Ivan Ehlers

A client-broker relationship is important—the broker knows the clients’ needs, budget, and expectations. WeWork can be a valuable resource for brokers, who’ll collaborate with one WeWork sales partner to find the ideal spot for their client. 

Have just one point of contact

Brokers want to make things as easy as possible for their clients. But when leasing a traditional office, there are so many costs, vendors, and contracts to deal with in preparation for a move to a new space. With a WeWork membership, clients have just one streamlined cost, vendor, and invoice to deal with. 

Scour buildings to find “the one”

Traditionally, a broker and their client would view empty building after empty building until they find one that might work for a client. On the other hand, brokers who partner with WeWork can easily explore WeWork’s large portfolio of spaces—both locally and globally—until they discover the one (or ones!) that best fits their client’s needs. 

Coordinate move-in times

A broker must keep in mind timelines and deadlines set by the client. When moving to a traditional office, there’s renovation time, time to secure furniture, and other things to consider—meaning it can be a long time before a space is move-in ready. With WeWork as a partner, a broker can relax knowing their client is getting a turnkey office space along with custom build-outs as needed. 

Keep an eye on expansion

A broker knows better than anyone that a client’s needs can change as the company grows in size and across markets. While traditional leases make it hard to pivot, WeWork is flexible. With hundreds of locations globally, it’s easy for a client to quickly expand to multiple locations worldwide. 

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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