When a new, central office lifts employee satisfaction

Micro-mobility provider Tier turned to WeWork when employees called for a more centrally located office

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The challenge: a fast-growing team and a difficult commute 

Sustainable mobility is at the heart of the mission for Berlin-based startup Tier. The business hopes to accomplish its motto and “Change mobility for good” by renting out electric scooters and other green electric vehicles to climate-conscious city dwellers. “We want to incorporate mobility in cities that puts people back in the foreground,” says Bodo von Braunmühl, director of communications at Tier.

But for a company built on the idea of efficient commuting, its suburban office space in the south of Berlin was difficult for some employees’ commutes. “I think some of the staff living in northern parts of Berlin were really dissatisfied at this point with our Tempelhof location,” says von Braunmühl. 

Berlin-based micro-mobility startup Tier rents out electric scooters and other green electric vehicles. Photograph courtesy of Tier.

Not only were Tier employees dissatisfied with their decentralized office location, but they also wanted a workspace with more space and better facilities—one that would be more attractive for business growth and more enjoyable for the team.

The solution: a new workspace in a central location

Tier found a suitable space in the center of Berlin, in the famous Renzo Piano–designed WeWork Atrium Tower, for one of their three headquarters. It was a quick move-in—just two months from when the startup first expressed interest in a WeWork space. Moving into Atrium Tower gave more than 200 Berlin-based colleagues of the startup’s roughly 500 total employees not just more space but also a quicker, more efficient commute. They also moved into a more exciting and collaborative environment.

“We chose WeWork for two reasons,” explains von Braunmühl. “We liked the very central location and the amenities of a coworking space where you can share many services with other companies. The amenities and services included in renting WeWork offices are not available elsewhere.” 

If productive teams are the key to business success, then their workspaces need to be built for team productivity. From the lighting to the internal staircases, WeWork spaces are designed to boost collaboration and productivity. They cater to different styles of work and provide members with the flexibility to adapt each space to their needs.

“When you enter the office floor, the first thing you see is the communal seating and kitchen area. These are the areas that you find comfortable and social,” continues von Braunmühl. “My impression is that the [commute] to work has improved for 80 percent of the employees, and I am one of them.”

The terrace of Tier’s new office offers views of the Berlin skyline. Photograph by WeWork.

As a company with a keen interest in sustainability, Tier’s new WeWork space also gave them a chance to practice what they believe. “In our industry, we see ourselves as pioneers and pacemakers in terms of sustainability,” says von Braunmühl. “Therefore, sustainability was certainly one of the aspects that we wanted to fulfill as a basic requirement when choosing our new offices.” With sustainable practices built into WeWork’s operating standards, Tier’s needs were taken care of without any additional measures.

The result: increased productivity and employee satisfaction

Right away, Tier discovered that with more space and a more central location, their employees could focus better on the work at hand. “As a company, we try to identify the needs of our employees and develop processes and create environments that we believe can increase the productivity and satisfaction of our employees,” says von Braunmühl.

“Productivity always has something to do with overall job satisfaction,” he says. “It is also crucial that you find all the opportunities to work productively. At WeWork, it is well regulated and everything is given.”

Key highlights:

  • More space for the Tier team to accommodate employees and raise their satisfaction
  • Design that reflects Tier’s sustainable brand 
  • Prime location in the heart of Berlin 
  • Building amenities including a rooftop terrace and a view of the city
  • Just two months from initial interest to move-in 

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