How to build workplace culture in a hybrid world

In a hybrid work world, establishing a strong company culture is more important than ever

The flexible workplace is here to stay. It’s the “new normal” we speculated about throughout the pandemic. It’s the “workplace of the future” that’s arrived at its destination.

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A hybrid work model can be the best of two worlds: remote and in-person work. And that’s what employees want: 75 percent of workers would be willing to give up at least one perk or benefit—including healthcare, cash bonuses, and paid time off—for the freedom to choose where they work. Hybrid work gives employees more autonomy to do their job where they feel most productive, whether at home for focused work or in a shared office space for collaborative tasks with the team. 

This sudden shift in how we work would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. As we adjust to this flexible model, managers and employees alike are trying to tackle the challenges posed by a hybrid workplace. 

One pressing concern: how to create a cohesive workplace culture when your team is scattered across a city, a country, or the world. A positive workplace culture produces happier, more engaged employees, increased productivity, better access to top talent, and less turnover. It’s no surprise that creating a positive hybrid culture is top of mind for a lot of companies. 

As it happens, implementing a hybrid model is in itself a great way to promote a people-first culture at work. Companies like LivePerson, Cimpress, and Oatly have done just that in WeWork spaces.

It is possible to create a positive, dynamic culture in the absence of a more traditional, physical nine-to-five headquarters, but it requires nurturing, planning, and intentional use of space. Read the full report on what a flexible work model means for organizational culture—and concrete ways to build your company culture in a hybrid workplace.

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