How to work with people based on their astrological sign

Need a pep talk? Ask an Aries—and other cosmic insights about your colleagues

The expert astrologers at Sanctuary behind our monthly Workstrology column offer advice for working with colleagues of every sign.

Working with an Aries

Aries is independent, self-assured, and full of fresh ideas that they’re happy to share off the cuff. Their willingness to throw out ideas without self-censoring can yield valuable results during brainstorming sessions. Ruled by Mars, Aries is ambitious with high-energy levels and a drive to succeed. They like to be in motion—taking care of business and doing it fast. 

An Aries can thrive in a work environment that requires lots of pivoting and impromptu initiatives. Aries is put off by strict routines that hamper their ability to make progress, preferring to feel free to jump from task to task. Aries can be quick to experience anger, impatience, or frustration, but they process these emotions just as rapidly. If you find yourself face-to-face with a raging Aries, just back away slowly and give them a little time to cool off by themselves. They’ll usually move on quickly from the source of their frustration once they’ve had a little space to vent. 

Look to an Aries for: inspiration, a pep talk, and getting a new project off the ground.

Working with a Taurus

Patient, reliable, and steady, a Taurus colleague can help to support new projects as they first take root and begin to grow. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, this sign has great taste and an eye for quality. They understand how to maintain consistently high standards and foster a sense of luxury and security. You can count on a Taurus to increase profit margins by finding the best deals on the highest-quality materials and resources.

A Taurus loves to work in a comfortable, beautiful environment. Sunlight, plants, and a plethora of snacks will keep a Taurus happy and fuel them as they work throughout the day.

If your goal is to get a Taurus to come around to your point of view, be sure to give them plenty of time to do so on their own terms, without exerting too much force. Don’t rush a Taurus! They’re the sign most likely to finish any task they begin, but they’ll do so by working steadily at their own pace. 

Look to a Taurus for: curating inventory or content, greening your office, a restaurant recommendation.

Working with a Gemini

Much like bees flitting between blossoms, Geminis love to engage in intellectual pollination. Curious, intelligent, and social, a Gemini thrives when they’re able to chat with everyone around them and pass information from one party to another. Geminis can be a great help in fostering an easy flow of communication around the office and making sure everyone is up to speed and on the same page. 

Geminis need social stimulation to flourish, so avoid keeping Geminis too locked down—they do their best work when they’re able to follow their intellectual whims on to the next person, project, or idea. 

Look to a Gemini for: breaking news, great conversation, getting the word out.

Working with a Cancer

A Cancer colleague is someone who cares about you. Cancers are emotionally invested in the well-being of others and feel best about their work when they’re able to see the positive impact it makes in someone’s life. Cancers can excel at providing support and offering insight about the experience of the customer or user. Cancers also make fantastic managers; their empathetic nature fuels their ability to support, celebrate, and advocate for the members of their team. 

Although you can always rely on a Cancer when you need them, try not to lean too hard or too often on Cancers for emotional support—they have enough going on all on their own! When this sign feels stretched past their limit, they may retreat or build barriers to maintain an appropriate distance (for their own well-being). Never cross a Cancer. They’re unlikely to let you know how upset they are in the moment, but are the sign least likely to forgive and forget. 

Look to a Cancer for: experiential insights, a personal touch, an advocate.

Working with a Leo

You can always count on a Leo to bring abundant warmth and generous creative energy to the office. They love to feel as though their shine is creating warmth in someone else’s day. Leos often excel at—and enjoy—giving presentations, so they don’t shy away from public-speaking opportunities. 

All work and no play makes Leos very unhappy, so incorporating some playful banter and light theatrics into the way you work together can actually help Leos stay productive and inspired. A creatively stimulated Leo can work wonders in motivating others to channel their own creative impulses. Verbal appreciation goes a long way with a Leo—recognition and praise will get you everywhere! 

This sign is ideal for leadership roles and any front-of-house or client-facing positions that require rigorous socializing. In a professional setting, don’t over-assume a personal closeness with a Leo. Leos maintain strong personal boundaries and are not looking for a work BFF. 

Look to a Leo for: a spokesperson, a motivational speaker, a creative vision.

Working with a Virgo

Virgos take pride in and strongly identify with their work. As an earth sign, they enjoy having something tangible to show for their efforts, like a flawlessly alphabetized filing system or a beautifully color-coded spreadsheet. Ruled by Mercury, a Virgo is highly analytical and great at tracking and organizing the nitty-gritty details of a project. Fine print, backup plans—your Virgo colleague has it under control.

When offering feedback to a Virgo, walk them through your thought process and give them the opportunity to apply their analytical prowess to the situation at hand. Problem-solving together with a Virgo is likely to resonate better than if you come to them with a fully-formed conclusion. This sign values being of service and may take criticism to heart more than others.  

Look to a Virgo for: attention to detail, a tune-up, a helping hand.

Working with a Libra

The ideal work environment for a Libra is harmonious, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Libras are ruled by Venus, and love to embody refinement, beauty, and diplomacy in all they do. This sign thrives in good company culture, and they often want to have a hand in creating it. Libras are socially savvy and can read people quickly—they’re great at evaluating partnerships in business, friendship, and beyond. 

Symbolized by the scales, Libras engage in complementary and balanced relationships, and they are willing to negotiate to ensure terms are fair. They can be skilled managers of creative teams. Libras aim to please; however, if they feel that their gracious demeanor is being exploited in some way, you can expect them to quickly right that imbalance, engaging in confrontation if needed to restore equilibrium. 

Don’t underestimate a Libra’s ambition or their competitive streak. When it comes to office hierarchy, a Libra responds best when roles are clearly established from the start.

Look to a Libra for: balance, a moral compass, a listening ear.

Working with a Scorpio

Scorpio is an emotionally intelligent and highly perceptive water sign, with little patience for the superficial. It is the sign best equipped to deal with the tough stuff, understanding that new beginnings are born from endings and that challenges lead to growth. If a project runs into a dead end, a Scorpio may have insight as to how it can be revived or revamped into something with greater potential. Scorpios can also be adept investigators, having a dogged focus when tasked with unearthing hidden facts and figures. Their exhaustive research style and reflective, analytical nature combine to help them uncover and contribute valuable, informed perspectives. 

While on assignment, Scorpios need space to get in the zone. Too much ambient activity and noise will take them out of their focused headspace and interfere with their ability to dive into their work. A quiet corner can work wonders for a Scorpio’s productivity.

Look to a Scorpio for: deep insights, dark humor, a sleuth.

Working with a Sagittarius

Sagittarians are intellectual explorers, always on the lookout for new sources of knowledge and wisdom that they can synthesize into a more comprehensive understanding of the world. They are natural storytellers, comedians, and scholars, and are drawn toward anything that feels fresh and exciting. A Sagittarius might surprise you with a totally inspired vision to help revitalize your brand or your big-picture marketing strategy. They can also be a great ambassador or promoter, as they often exude an authentic, contagious excitement for life and everything in it. This is a sign that can casually crush it in board presentations or investor pitches

A Sagittarius has a very frank demeanor and appreciates bluntness and candor in return. Passive aggression is their pet peeve; they’d much prefer to hear hard truths up front without sugarcoating than try to decode your message underneath layers of politeness.

Look to a Sagittarius for: total honesty, a fresh perspective, a laugh.

Working with a Capricorn

Perhaps known as the most ambitious sign, Capricorns understand better than anyone else the relationship between resources and power. Capricorns know that if they create for themselves the ability to generate revenue, they will be empowering themselves for life. They are unlikely to be satisfied with anything less than first prize, the CEO’s chair, or a world-renowned reputation as a luminary in their field. 

As a natural leader, a Capricorn thrives at the helm of whatever project or endeavor they’re working on, and enjoys being able to structure their own workflow, pace, and environment. Give them free reign to make assertive, but always pragmatic, choices, and trust that you’ll be receiving top-quality, reliable work in return. Don’t stand in the way of a Capricorn’s journey to world domination. Harness their power while you can, and support them as they grow into the boss they were born to be.

Look to a Capricorn for: structure, discipline, leadership.

Working with an Aquarius

Aquarians thrive within a stable routine, especially if they also have a sense of control and agency over their day-to-day workflow. This sign is known for being fiercely independent, but they work best with lots of people around them, in an environment with plenty of opportunity to socialize. They need intellectual stimulation in order to stay motivated and productive. 

An Aquarius is a natural when it comes to networking, and has great potential to build a community of talented and creative people. They’re great at creating connections in just the right places, building lasting social and professional networks and accomplishing large-scale goals through effective collaboration. 

Aquarians are known as innovators: tech-savvy, future-minded, and keen on weighing the social impact of their work. They find ways to give back through linking and building with like-minded humanitarians. 

Look to an Aquarius for: fundraising advice, volunteer opportunities, the latest gadgets.

Working with a Pisces

Pisces colleagues can be a creative wellspring of unexpected and unconventional ideas. They are highly flexible and adaptable and enjoy finding ways to meaningfully connect with and help the people around them. They’ll probably fit right into your team and get to work on just the thing you need help with. 

Although a Pisces can be relied on to complete tasks in a timely manner, deadlines (as a concept) do not necessarily align with a Pisces’s way of getting things done. Try not to mistake perceived inefficiency for ineffectiveness. A Pisces believes in creating only high-quality work—and they believe in taking the time they need to do things right the first time. 

Look to a Pisces for: an invention, a chill vibe, a friend.

Katherine Tarpinian is an astrologer and poet based in Brooklyn. Her books Honey and Mollusk are available at Chinatown Soup on the Lower East Side.

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