How an electric car company’s office drives workplace innovation

Nio partnered with WeWork to develop a new space that would inspire employee collaboration

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The challenge: encouraging highly specialized teams to collaborate on the next big breakthrough

Nio, a Chinese electric car company with global ambitions, has grown rapidly over the last four years. With 12 offices around the world (and counting), the company is home to a wide breadth of talent; Nio’s employees include design, research and development, manufacturing, and customer care experts.

With the large amount of specialized teams, Nio saw that employees from different offices needed to come together and collaborate. In addition, with their aggressive innovation goals, and the ever-changing nature of the electric automobile industry, Nio employees needed to constantly test and learn from new ideas. The company sought an inspiring space that would allow their teams to truly thrive.

The solution: a space that builds community and collaboration

Nio turned to WeWork. Together, they identified WeWork One ITC, in the heart of Shanghai, as the ideal location. WeWork then developed a private floor to meet Nio’s needs. The custom space features a recording studio for in-house video production, and open seating areas. Additionally, a new showroom was built for the Nio Life team, a business unit focused on the design, distribution, and sale of Nio’s merchandise. In that space, the team can review product samples as they arrive, as well as conduct large-scale meetings.

The company immediately embraced the dedicated WeWork community managers, who host events to drive employee engagement, and foster a sense of team bonding. Plus, Nio employees can access five other WeWork floors, where they can enjoy additional workspace, amenities, and networking among their peers.

“The new space is great for internal collaboration, and creates a perfect balance between individual and team work,” says Jili Liu, head of Nio Life. “WeWork redefined our office space by building a unique community for us.”

Nio has seen improved employee collaboration and satisfaction since moving into the space. According to Liu, WeWork’s design and spatial configurations encourage spontaneous interaction between employees from different teams. Access to WeWork events and networking opportunities also helps Nio maintain their innovative and creative edge.

The results: moving from siloed specialists to a collaborative community

In addition, Nio has found WeWork to be more cost-efficient for office operations than their previous solutions. By accessing WeWork’s flexible space model, Nio is able to stay agile, while providing their teams with the innovative surroundings needed to do their best work—together.

“With a multicultural community like this, we may look different at first glance, but we all share a common set of values which contributes to the success of a vibrant community,” says Liu.

Key highlights

  • 13,393 usable square feet of functional, flexible space for a variety of team specialties
  • An entire floor with a recording studio and showroom built in just three months
  • Downtown location encouraging mobility and convenience
  • Built-in cultural events and activities where employees can connect
  • Inspiring design and collaborative floor plan for innovative thinking

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