Six reasons influencers love WeWork

A lot goes into nonstop content creation, and WeWork offers everything they need to get it done

WeWork Yeouido Station in Seoul. Photograph by WeWork

It’s no wonder social media influencers appreciate the WeWork community, where creative confidence and flexible workspace unite to inspire and support members.

For the most part, influencers have no physical office outside their homes, and many travel constantly. Influencers’ work revolves around finding new and exciting ways to convey their message to thousands of followers through a continuous stream of content. That can be challenging—with tons of work behind the scenes. 

Finding a safe and flexible space where they can comfortably tackle tasks like video and photo editing, apply for partnerships with brands, and plan out their next steps is imperative for these content creators. WeWork All Access serves as an ideal solution, providing them a workspace where and when they want, with the trademark amenities and features WeWork is known for. 

Here are six reasons influencers say they love WeWork.

There’s always a clean space that prioritizes safety

Working in a clean and organized space can help boost productivity by giving people peace of mind in the best of times, and especially during the events of the past year and a half. Every WeWork location prioritizes safety by encouraging personal space, following local health protocols, and more. The efforts, says Yana Bononi, a fashion blogger, art director, and writer, bring the “whole work experience to the next level.”   

Andrea Lee, a digital creator whose followers turn to her for outfit inspo, counts on WeWork “to make sure that you have a cute, safe, and clean productive space to work in.”

It promotes a healthy separation of work life and home life

Living, working, and learning within the confines of home during the COVID-19 pandemic has been tremendously challenging for most of us. Dana Lastrilla, a fashion and lifestyle influencer, felt the stress. “COVID times took work/family balance to another level,” Lastrilla says. “As much as it’s been a blessing to spend quality time with Natalia [my daughter] at home, there have also definitely been challenges with keeping calm and getting the job done with a toddler eager for all my attention.” She found a solution with WeWork All Access. “It’s been a lifesaver to escape for some peace and quiet when it’s back to business and meetings for me and I’m grateful for this @wework space.” 

WeWork All Access allows members to use locations across their cities and around the world—and keep home and work life separate by going to a space free from the distractions at home. Real estate agent and writer Ulia Ali confesses that she’s been struggling “to have a work/life balance… but having #WeWorkAllAccess definitely is a healthy start.”

There’s no shortage of productive vibes 

All WeWork spaces are thoughtfully designed to maximize productivity. Every detail is taken into account—from lighting to seating—to create the ideal workspace. These details pay off in a big way. “On the days that I know I need to be productive, I’ve been going to @WeWork,” says Kalyn Chandler, founder and owner of Effie’s Paper, an accessories company. “Their co-working spaces are well-designed, clean, inspiring and QUIET.⁣” 

Lianne Almeida, a fashion writer for We Select Dresses, agrees. “To stay focused, my environment is the key,” she says. “Luckily choosing where I want to be creative is easy with @wework.” 

The flexibility is unparalleled 

WeWork prides itself on offering flexible workspaces to members—from different locations with WeWork All Access to various workspace types (hot desks, lounges, outdoor spaces, and more) in individual buildings. “#WeWorkAllAccess gives you the luxury & freedom of having a space free from distractions, when and where you want,” says Sid B, a New York City–based influencer. And the resources available rival even the most well-equipped home office. 

“Members have access to high-speed WiFi, meeting rooms & private offices, business-class printers, and complimentary refreshments,” says fitness trainer Jonady St. Germain, co-founder of Lit 2 Lift.

It’s a natural place to network 

The benefits of a collaborative office space are far-reaching, even for solo workers. Fashion blogger Lianne Almeida loves that WeWork is “a hub for networking and meeting other like-minded individuals.” Being surrounded by other professionals in the same industry, and in wildly different ones, makes networking easy and fun. 

Korean singer Jinu Park agrees. He says, “@wework has allowed me to be part of a community that fulfills my sense of privacy without being alone.”

There’s a perfect location, wherever you need it

These globe-trotting influencers are never far from a convenient WeWork location. “With WeWork’s All Access Membership, it’s ~so~ easy to find a #WeWork that’s close to you,” says Andrea Lee. With more than 700 locations across 118 cities available on WeWork All Access, it’s easy to find a location that fits their needs for the day (or longer), even when they’re traveling. 

“From a Boston location to one in NYC or Paris—I’m able to book an office, conference room, or desk at any time,” Almeida says. 

Cristina Claure is a marketing intern at WeWork during summer 2021. She is currently completing her studies at IE University in Madrid.

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