WeWork Services Store is a one-stop shop for business

WeWork is excited to introduce the WeWork Services Store, a brand-new integrated hub for business services that gives members the freedom to do what they love without the hassles of traditional business management. The Services Store is a software platform, similar to an app store, and is the first of its kind to be built by WeWork. It streamlines the process of finding, managing, and purchasing the various services that a growing business needs, with recommendations from members and special offers for WeWork members. As a community company, we believe in empowering our members with the tools they need to successfully run and build their businesses—whether those tools are beautifully designed collaborative workspaces, a global network, or new ways to discover and acquire essential services.

The initial launch of the Services Store in the U.S. marks a new chapter for WeWork. Now 100,000 members strong—and growing—our community is what drives us to constantly push the envelope on the breadth and diversity of tools that we offer. Technology has always been a crucial part of how we’ve designed, developed, and run our locations. Now, we are advancing what we can do with technology for our members—no matter the size or stage of their business.

We have teamed up with over 100 best-in-class service providers––including Salesforce, Lyft, Upwork, Zendesk, Xero, Slack, Amazon Web Services, Office 365, and Expensify––to build a robust new platform. Accessible on web and mobile, the Services Store allows members to give their recommendations on products, as well as customized collections of specific business solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies in various stages of growth. From finance and human resources, to marketing and project management, many of the services available can also be seamlessly integrated with existing WeWork membership.

As a growing company ourselves, we know how hard it is to jump start a business. We are proud to introduce the Services Store as a new tool for our members and to further empower our community to make a life, not just a living.