WeWork deepens technology offering by acquiring spatial analytics leader Euclid

It’s human nature to draw energy from the environment that surrounds us. The workplace, where we spend so much time, can have a big impact on our productivity each day—whether we’re hunkering down in a brainstorming session, unwinding in a common area to enjoy a coffee break with colleagues, or participating in a lunch-and-learn program that empowers our career development.

Today’s C-suite leaders, from CEOs to heads of real estate and HR, understand the need to create workplaces that inspire, energize, and connect employees. At WeWork, our focus has always been on providing a workplace that helps people create a life, not just a living—one that improves productivity, encourages collaboration, and ultimately fosters an engaging environment that makes people excited to come to work each day.

Technology is a fundamental tool that helps us optimize workplaces. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Euclid to the WeWork family. Euclid is the leading spatial-analytics platform whose team and technology will bolster the insights we provide to enterprises. With this addition to our offering, we will help enterprises better understand how their employees use workplaces, and create more productive, engaging spaces for their teams.

Since its founding, Euclid’s San Francisco-based team has built a proprietary analytic offering that uses WiFi signals to understand how space is used without the installation of any additional hardware. Through this deal, Euclid will become completely integrated within WeWork. Its team and capabilities will now focus on accelerating the development of a workplace-insights solution.

“Our goal is to help enterprises create the most efficient, effective, and engaged workplaces for their employees,” said Shiva Rajaraman, WeWork’s chief product officer. “With Euclid now part of our organization, we will be able to provide enterprises with holistic insights around how their workplaces are used—ultimately, helping them to make more informed decisions to support their growth and company culture.”

Powered by We—our full-service strategy, real estate, and technology offering—has become one of our fastest-growing business lines, as enterprises like UBS, Sprint, and Standard Chartered turn to WeWork to deliver optimal workplace experiences for their employees around the world. Today, such enterprises make up more than 30 percent of WeWork’s membership base and include more than 30 percent of the Fortune 500.

“Euclid has been focused on developing the world-leading technology platform that paves the way for more compelling, efficient, and relevant experiences in the physical world,” said Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid. “With an ambitious vision, aligned mission, and amazing team, WeWork couldn’t be a better home for Euclid’s next chapter. We’re excited to join WeWork in redefining the workplace experience of the future.”

Last fall, we welcomed Teem to the WeWork family. A leading software and analytics provider, Teem’s space management technology provides insights to maximize employee success and fully optimize space for an enterprise’s entire real estate portfolio. With the insights from Teem’s platform, the solutions we develop with Euclid will help us provide leaders with real-time information around space utilization and aggregate data around workplace engagement. The result: a more productive and collaborative experience for employees around the world.