Flatiron School scholarships open access to tech education

When Adam Enbar and Avi Flombaum founded Flatiron School in 2012, one of their main goals was to make education affordable.

“We knew that to be really be impactful, we had to make it more accessible,” said Enbar. “Education shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it.”

They worked hard to ensure that women—often underrepresented at coding schools—were at least half of the student body. The reached out to city governments to improve access to low-income students. And they partnered with organizations like Re:Coded to bring computer skills to refugees.

Flatiron School—with campuses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Houston, Atlanta, Seattle, London, and Washington, D.C.—has already helped thousands of students achieve their goal of becoming software engineers by awarding more than $10 million in scholarships in the last six years.

A part of WeWork, Flatiron School currently has several open scholarships for prospective students.

Excella Technology Scholarship

Driving innovation and diversity in tech starts with education. Excella, an agile technology firm founded in 2002, partnered with Flatiron School to create the Excella Technology Scholarship. It’s a full scholarship to Flatiron’s Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp at the Washington, D.C. campus.

The scholarship is geared toward women and underrepresented minority students who want to take an in-person course. Prospective students will need to be able to attend the bootcamp in Washington, D.C.

Application deadline: Sept. 25.

Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship

Flatiron School and Opportunity Hub have partnered to offer more than $1 million scholarships to eligible students. The Flatiron Opportunity scholarship can be applied to all in-person and online career-change bootcamps. Flatiron School launched the scholarship in Atlanta and will award two full scholarship and five partial scholarships to selected students.

The scholarship is designed to help people of color from underserved communities who want to start their careers as software engineers or data scientists. The Flatiron Opportunity Scholarship can be applied to the Immersive Software Engineering Bootcamp, Immersive Data Science Bootcamp, and the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp, and the Online Data Science Bootcamp.

Application deadline: Sept. 30 for partial scholarships in Atlanta.

Out in Tech Scholarship

Flatiron School and Out in Tech have partnered to offer four scholarship opportunities for students who can attend Flatiron’s in-person Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp in London. The Out in Tech Scholarship will award one full scholarship and three partial scholarships to selected students.

The scholarships are offered to LGBTQ students who want to become software engineers. Students must be able to attend the in-person Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp at Flatiron’s campus in London.

Application deadline: Sept. 25

Women Take Tech Scholarship

The Women Take Tech initiative, in partnership with Citi, is a $2,000 scholarship to all of Flatiron School’s career programs. This includes the in-person Software Engineering Immersive and Data Science Immersive courses along with all online career-change bootcamps.

Women who are committed to changing their career and starting a new career in tech are encouraged to apply. Even if you’re unable to attend an in-person class, the Online Software Engineering Bootcamp lets you train to become a software engineer at a pace and schedule that works for you.

Application deadline: Nov. 7.

Career Growth Scholarship

Flatiron School’s Career Growth Scholarship is open to all students across all in-person and online software engineering bootcamp courses. Every student who demonstrated progress on Learn.co, Flatiron’s proprietary learning platform, are eligible for the $1,000 scholarship. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of Flatiron School’s enrollments team.

This scholarship is perfect for any student looking to start their career in coding. Students who have progressed through one of Flatiron’s free courses will be among the first considered for the scholarship.

Application deadline: ongoing.

Houston Heroes Scholarship

Flatiron School wants to provide the hundreds of thousands of veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce every year with the skills they need to become software engineers. Flatiron School offers a $5,000 scholarship to all veterans who are admitted into the Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp at the Houston campus.

The scholarship is for veterans who want a career in tech. Eligible veterans must be able to attend Flatiron’s Immersive Software Engineering bootcamp in Houston.

Application deadline: ongoing.