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WeWork provides San Ramon based commercial real estate solutions suitable for businesses of any size, inspired by our experience and workplace best practices.

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WeWork provides a variety of enterprise office space solutions focused on flexible physical space options and software based offering to help empower employers

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Your trusted partner in finding the right commercial office space for your clients. WeWork can help you meet your client’s ever-changing needs while providing competitive and transparent broker commission rates.

Use cases for your flexible office space

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Decentralize your offices
Set up satellite offices based on your employees’ locations to shorten commutes and provide a convenient space for in-person work.
Create a collaboration hub
Bring teams together for meetings, brainstorms, and work sessions in specially-designed offices that foster collaboration and creativity.
Work from near home
Improve your “work from home” strategy by offering employees private, professional offices when and where they need it.

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Commercial Real Estate - San Ramon

Enterprise companies in search of commercial office space for rent in San Ramon have many things to consider: square footage, amenities, prices, neighborhood location, and more. In San Ramon, not only the amount of inventory of commercial buildings for rent but also the availability of commercial real estate brokers gives companies the opportunity to find the right home for their business.

WeWork Commercial Real Estate Solutions

WeWork offers flexible commercial real estate solutions that suit your business needs. With capabilities to decentralize your offices, create collaboration hubs, work from near home, WeWork allows you to focus on what really matters - working on your business. Choose from a range of our commercial real estate products:

Why choose WeWork - San Ramon

WeWork locations feature workspaces (for teams of 1-100+) with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light. Common spaces have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team, as well as the guests you bring into our buildings. Private phone booths, onsite staff, and business-class printers are just a few of the premium amenities found at WeWork locations. There’s also networking events, lunch & learns, and wellness activities - unique opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with the WeWork community. Join WeWork today.

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