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Pasadena Office Space

Pasadena might be most known for its annual Rose Bowl Parade, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that this city is on the front lines of the country’s modern scientific and cultural renaissances. Home to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology, and a growing number of tech-centered businesses, Pasadena’s economy is no longer based only in retail and tourism. The city’s business sector is alive and well and being driven by a diverse collection of local businesses. And at WeWork, our Pasadena office spaces help such businesses grow by providing them with ample opportunities for organic networking. We offer a supportive and lively community where businesses can collaborate, share ideas, and work together to build a stronger, better Pasadena.

Looking for Pasadena Office Space? WeWork Has Flexible Options

Pasadena is often called the “Crown of the Valley,” or the “Key of the Valley.” For a long time after its founding in the 1880s, the city was largely a resort town, its economy anchored by its rapidly growing number of hotels, shops, and restaurants. It wasn’t until World War II turned Pasadena into a major staging area for the Pacific War that the city’s economy started its shift to tech, manufacturing, and scientific industries. While those industries continue to fuel the economy of Pasadena today, they do so alongside the city’s artistic community and its independent, creative, and driven small businesses. It is to the latter that WeWork’s Pasadena office spaces are aimed. We provide businesses of 1 to 100 the office space solutions they need to work more efficiently so they can get more work done. With office solutions ranging from shared work desks to private offices and executive suites, WeWork has exactly what you’re looking for. And, because our office spaces in Pasadena are designed with community in mind, our solutions make it easy for your business to make the connections it needs to grow. Along with complimentary refreshments and all of the business-class amenities you need to be your most productive, our offices also offer weekly happy hours, lunch and learn events, one-on-one sessions with local investors, and so much more. Ready to take your business to the next level? WeWork’s flexible Pasadena office spaces can help you get there quicker.