Landlord Partnership

Diversify your tenant opportunities and add value to your portfolio.
Diversify your tenant opportunities and add value to your portfolio.

WeWork のパートナーになるべき理由

With 425+ locations in 100+ cities, and 400,000+ members worldwide, WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. We sign direct leases with landlords, commercial property owners, and developers, enabling them to tap into various sized businesses - including enterprise and smaller tenants - with no added effort and minimal risk, and eliminate the hassle of managing flexible and short-term leases.

What you can expect

Beautifully-designed spaces

Our beautifully-designed spaces and flexible leases encourage speed-to-occupancy, increase neighborhood financial activity, and build regional energy.

Value added to your portfolio

Select WeWork buildings have experienced increased property value, including a 50-120% increase in sale price and up to 29% rent premiums after WeWork moved in.

Access to a new tenant market

Hyper-growth companies have chosen WeWork because it meets their needs for flexibility and allows them to offload office logistics so they can focus on their business.

Partnerships with leading landlords

100+ property owners worldwide are committed WeWork partners

Select businesses partnering with WeWork

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