Nine welcoming WeWork community desks from around the world

The WeWork community team is always on hand to ensure that each member and guest has the best experience possible

At every WeWork location around the world, a cheerful front desk is the very first thing that our members and guests encounter.

This is the home base for our community team—a dedicated group that ensures that each person at that WeWork location has a great experience.

The buzzy energy in every WeWork exists thanks in large part to our community team. WeWork’s community team not only greets members by name and welcomes guests, but they also program the space to create deeper connections. They host events designed to get people interacting in meaningful ways, whether it’s through sharing food or facilitating lively conversations that can lead to future collaborations. Over time, they get to know the people in the space and anticipate their needs.

“At every WeWork location, the community team provides a friendly face and a warm welcome, while creating a collaborative environment,” says Avery Chung, a former senior community associate of operations at WeWork’s Chelsea headquarters in New York. “The team strives to support growth and provide a safe space for a diverse and inclusive community.”

Plus, the community team is always available to help, whether someone requires a lunch recommendation, assistance with a printer, or tips for hosting their own event.

Here’s a look at our community team’s desks around the world.

Seoul, South Korea

From their perch in WeWork Samseong Station II, the community team ensures that everyone feels comfortable and has what they need to do their best work.

Paris, France

The community team at WeWork 198 Ave de France greets the world’s top entrepreneurs and enterprise companies in the building’s glassy atrium.

Tokyo, Japan

The playful patterns on the front desk at WeWork Shiroyama Trust Tower offer a feeling of warmth and welcoming to everyone who passes by.

Mexico City, Mexico

The community desk at WeWork Arcos Bosques sits in a bright and playful space flanked by a colorful mural and next to a pool table.

Bengaluru, India

Members and guests can easily connect with the community team at WeWork The Pavilion as they enter and exit the building.

Osaka, Japan

The floor-to-ceiling windows and greenery behind this front desk contributes to a welcoming atmosphere at WeWork Midosuji Frontier.

Busan, South Korea

A long community desk at WeWork BIFC ensures that there’s plenty of space for anyone who wants to speak with the community team. 

Mumbai, India

The soaring mural behind WeWork Chromium’s front desk nods to Mumbai’s tropical climate. 

Shanghai, China

WeWork Weihai Lu’s front desk is reminiscent of a historic hotel lobby—a reminder that the community team is always there to offer a hospitable experience.

This article was originally published on November 13, 2019, and has been updated throughout by the editors.

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