Opening a new office in Los Angeles

As more L.A. businesses opt for a hybrid workplace model, many turn to WeWork for space

Many small companies in Los Angeles are increasingly choosing to institute a hybrid workplace policy.

For example, ChowNow, an L.A.-based online ordering platform, wasn’t initially open to the idea of allowing employees to work remotely on a permanent basis. But its workforce grew from 200 to 560 during the pandemic. After an employee survey revealed that only a small percentage of workers wanted to come into the office three or more days a week, the company adopted a hybrid work policy

Remote-first and hybrid workplaces allow companies to hire talent from anywhere in the world. In a sprawling metropolis like Los Angeles, it enables employees to forgo long commutes and choose a work environment that suits them best. Still, many workers in L.A. and across the country who, for the most part, prefer remote-first work also want the flexibility of being able to work in the office sometimes.  

Companies like Santa Monica–based Inspire, a clean-energy tech firm, continue to provide office space for employees who wish to work in person one or more days a week. Inspire made improvements to its traditional office space after instituting a permanent hybrid approach last fall. The space is now more conducive to collaboration, and the company continues to provide in-person programming, company perks, and bonding opportunities to keep collaboration and innovation alive.

If you’re one of the many small companies in Los Angeles still trying to decide your workplace strategy, you’re in good company. The good news is that WeWork has flexible, customizable workspace solutions for companies of all sizes.

WeWork On Demand offers bookable desks and conference rooms at WeWork locations and is a pay-as-you-go model with no monthly minimums or maximums. WeWork All Access is a monthly subscription that provides access to any qualifying locations in L.A.—or anywhere else in the world—that employees can use as often as they wish.

For expanding teams, an private office or a full-floor office space can serve as your L.A. headquarters. Our flexible terms afford your company the time you need to figure out what your new normal will look like. Customizable spaces enable you to build the type of office environment that works best for you and your hybrid employees. Want a closer look at what WeWork has to offer in Los Angeles? Read our L.A. City Guide and see what we can do for your business.

Kristen Bailey is a veteran writer and editor based in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska. She has a penchant for helping large and small brands create stories that tell the why.

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