Best office locations in London

London isn’t so much a backdrop of your business as a vehicle for it. Finding the right location in this vibrant metropolis is a surefire way to unlock opportunity and grow your company. However, in a city of almost 9 million people, spread across 32 (very distinct!) boroughs, it’s difficult to know the best place to set down roots.

Perhaps you’re looking for a home in the melting pot of artists, writers, and designers who have studios in Soho. Maybe you’re itching to position yourself at the heart of the city’s tech startup sector. Either way, you’re wondering: In what neighbourhoods are you most likely to hone your skills and succeed?

Our guide to the best office locations in London will answer all these questions and more, helping you in your journey to discovering the very best this city has to offer.

Office space in Shoreditch, Hackney

Best for: Creatives in both arts and tech, looking for space to grow.

A playground of opportunity for creative and inventive thinkers, Shoreditch in Hackney is a thriving hybrid of old and new. Graffiti-lined alleyways lead to art galleries in converted warehouses; sleek, modern high-rises overlook the constant bustle below.

All WeWork buildings are designed to reflect the area’s bursting arts scene, and our sweeping lounges, private offices, and unique conference rooms provide a professional and collaborative home for your growing business.

Amid these muralled streets you’ll find well-established creative agencies and a growing number of tech innovators—and you can rest easy knowing there is great potential for success in this ever-evolving pocket of London. Hackney is expected to enjoy a 0.59 percent year-on-year boost in employment until 2041, and self-employment is on the rise, with 34,000 locals expected to work for themselves by 2050.

Whether you’re starting a new venture or growing an existing company, establishing yourself in Shoreditch will help attract talent and secure a winning trajectory.

To find out more, visit WeWork’s coworking spaces in Shoreditch:
The Hewitt | 1 Mark Square | 70 Wilson Street

Office space in London Bridge, Southwark

Best for: Artisan retailers looking to expand, and big businesses looking to relocate a headquarters or open a major office.

With a rapidly swelling business population, Southwark is positioning itself as the future of the nation’s capital. Enterprise companies are moving their headquarters to Tooley Street, drawn by its recent revitalisation and its accessibility via public transport. Meanwhile, boutique retailers are opening their shopfronts beneath The Shard or in its shadow, at the iconic Borough Market.

The neighbourhood is popular with dedicated foodies and artisans, alongside a healthy population of professionals and entrepreneurs. Retail is booming, with farmers’ markets, village markets, and a combination of high-end shops supplying locals and an endless flow of tourists to the area.

WeWork’s coworking offices in Southwark position you right at the center of the action. Whether you’re opening a headquarters to oversee production or relocating your team to somewhere more upbeat, our refreshing and inspiring spaces will keep your business thriving.

The borough has one of the highest year-on-year employment growth projections in London, and self-employment will be the second highest in the city (after the City of London) by 2050.

It’s a secure, vibrant, futuristic place to open your business—particularly if you’re a retailer looking to launch or a CEO searching for your next HQ. And if you’re looking for team-building activities for your colleagues, the area features one of our favorite options in London.

To find out more, visit WeWork’s office spaces in Southwark:
New Kings Beam House | 30 Stamford Street | Two Southbank Place

WeWork Tower Bridge Common Area

Office space in Soho, Westminster

Best for: Media, arts, advertising, and digital design

A hub of creativity with a slightly rebellious streak, Soho—located within the historical City of Westminster—is where big business meets street culture. It’s the beating heart of London’s media industry, and home to a wonderfully diverse community of professionals in arts, digital, television, advertising, and film production.

Whether you’re a small team of creative minds kicking off a big project or an enterprise media company expanding operations, WeWork’s office spaces in Soho are sure to keep your employees engaged. Plus, there’s no doubt the area will continue growing; employment is forecasted to increase by 0.8 percent year-on-year until 2041, and a rapidly emerging food scene is attracting new business to the area.

An iconic, energising community to base your business, our collaborative workspaces in Soho will help you succeed in an neighbourhood showing no signs of slowing down.

To find out more, visit WeWork’s coworking spaces in Soho:
16 Great Chapel Street | Medius House | Aviation House

Office space at Old Street Roundabout, Islington

Best for: Startups in tech; Entrepreneurs looking for business.

A longstanding hub of tech innovation, the Old Street Roundabout in Islington is a place where enterprise companies safeguard their headquarters and startups turn their businesses into something of a legacy. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all based operations out of the UK’s “Silicon Roundabout,” and a number of other technology firms have made history in the area.

WeWork’s office spaces in Islington provide the perfect environment for you to network and seek investment. Alongside daily services, such as front desk and cleaning staff, free-flowing coffee, and high-speed internet, many of our buildings in Islington boast event spaces and brainstorming rooms—perfect for showcasing work to potential clients or kicking off big projects.

Brushing shoulders with big business aside, you’ll be well-positioned setting up shop in Islington: The borough is expected to enjoy a 1.15 percent year-on-year growth in employment until 2041, and more than 30,000 people in Islington will be working for themselves by 2050.

To find out more, visit WeWork’s coworking spaces in Islington:
145 City Road | The Bower | 18-21 Corsham Street

Office space in Tower Hamlets

Best for: Freelance accountants, contracting engineers, etc.; anyone in the financial or professional services sectors.

An established centerpoint for banking and professional services in the UK, Tower Hamlets is a borough of sky-high potential. Thousands of professionals from across the city arrive each morning to the Docklands, and work seems to never stop in central London’s towering glass high-rises.

Here, you’re surrounded by big business, with Citigroup, Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, and KPMG all operating out of the area. Why not join them on a winning trajectory? Tower Hamlets has the fastest growing employment rate in London—and will continue to hire above the rest until at least 2041.

WeWork’s shared office spaces in Tower Hamlets are ideal for freelance professionals contracting to these companies or enterprise companies looking to relocate to this vibrant, bustling area. Leave the office administration to us, and make your mark in this city with a prime location in central London.

To find out more, visit WeWork’s coworking spaces in Tower Hamlets:
1 St Katherine’s Way | Aldgate Tower

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