How to find a hot desk in London

For entrepreneurs on a budget and creatives looking to impress, here’s how to find the perfect hot desk in London

A standard description of hot-desking almost certainly includes the “increased flexibility” and “heightened control” that comes with having no dedicated desk and working in a different place each day. But the real benefits of hot-desking in London run much deeper than such bland (and suspiciously millennial) catchalls.

Frequently changing your work environment unlocks creativity—more so than languishing in the confines of a standard office or home office. There’s community, too: The diverse network of people surrounding you in a coworking space helps reduce loneliness and keeps you engaged, even while you’re working with a virtual team or freelancing for different clients.

WeWork Chancery Lane Interior

Company aside, the heightened control you have with hot-desking can also lead to increased productivity. It’s true. You’ll likely produce better work, faster, if you’re choosing the “when, where, and how” of your workday.

With that said, here are some of our best hot desk locations in London to suit your budget and your professional, creative, ambitious, innovative (whatever they may be!) ambitions.

Finding hot desks in London on a budget

Best for: Affordability / Event space
Price: £200 / month
Find out more: WeWork’s hot desks in London Fields

Foodies hoping to surround themselves with like-minded creatives will feel instantly at home in WeWork’s London Fields coworking space. Whether you’re a startup or freelancer, hot-desking at this location will put you at the heart of all the goodness East London has to offer.

Broadway Market is just streets away, and it’s a is home to trailblazers in arts, fashion, and, of course, food. With a rooftop garden and a dedicated events space, this location is ideal if you’re hoping to showcase your work or meet with potential investors.

Hot-desking in Central London

Best for: Central location
Price: £250 / month
Find out more: Aldgate Tower hot desks at WeWork

If you’re a freelancer looking for a central workspace to keep you fresh and motivated, WeWork’s location at Aldgate Tower is for you. It provides the fundamentals of a coworking space, without breaking the bank. With our flexible membership options, you can arrive every morning to the 17-story glass tower and enjoy beautiful lounge areas, sleek private work nooks, fruit water, and freely flowing coffee.

The space is flooded with natural light, and the common areas are an impressive backdrop for meeting with clients. Plus, the building is easily accessible via public transport from anywhere in London.

WeWork 8 Devonshire Square Interior

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Hot-desking to find investment

Best for: Tech-centric location / Networking
Price: £400 / month
Find out more: Old Street hot desks at WeWork

Located right on “Silicone Roundabout” (that is, Old Street Roundabout in Islington), this hot-desking location is ideal if you’re an entrepreneur or early startup in the tech industry. A brainstorming room, arcade room, and meditation room onsite make it easy to unlock inspiration throughout the day.

Dedicated events space and beautiful common areas are also great for showcasing work to potential investors. For £400 a month you are at the center of London’s tech scene and surrounded by budding disruptors just like yourself.

Hot-desking to entertain clients

Best for: The view / Outdoor space / Brainstorming room
Price: £450 / month
Find out more: WeWork’s hot desks near Tower Bridge

With stunning views of London and a beautifully designed outdoor area from which to enjoy them, this is the perfect place to meet with business partners or new clients—taking advantage of our on-tap kombucha as you do so.

The view also provides an inspiring backdrop to your workday: spend a moment watching River Thames or gaze upon the city until inspiration strikes. An onsite events space is helpful if you’re displaying work, and a brainstorming room is the perfect place to kick off projects with a wider team.

Hot-desking in London’s modern financial sector

Best for: Proximity to big business in finance / Brainstorming room / Event space
Price: £500 / month
Find out more: WeWork’s hot desks near Liverpool Street

Whether you’re a freelance accountant looking for a convenient and inspiring office space, or a contractor for big business hoping to impress potential clients, WeWork’s coworking space in Poultry is the spot you need.

Right in the hum of the city’s financial district, this building puts you in prime position to land investment and seek out new clients. The building itself makes a lasting first impression, and there’s an event space, brainstorming room, and arcade room onsite for WeWork members.

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