When you can’t find the skincare you need, create it yourself

After launching a skincare line, community associate Ashley Alexander has clearer skin—and a bright future

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One evening in late May, the 10th floor of Atlanta’s WeWork Colony Square was popping. Beneath an arch of silver balloons, 75 people danced to music spun by a live DJ, sipped on cocktails and custom tea blends, and shopped. It was the launch event for a new natural skincare line formulated with essential oils called Skinopsis, founded by WeWork community associate Ashley Alexander. 

“I [had the launch party] at my home location because the color and vibe in our event space matched my brand really well,” says Alexander, an Atlanta native. “The neon—everything just went perfectly.” 

The event was the culmination of nearly a year of Alexander’s hard work researching and building the brand. It was also her 25th birthday.

“I set that date for the launch party as a deadline to have everything ready, and it was well worth it,” says Alexander. “I sold out of all the products I brought that evening. So that was definitely a huge highlight.”

After struggling with breakouts and cystic acne through her teenage years, Alexander started researching skincare solutions at 18. She spent hours scouring the internet, making multiple trips to Barnes & Noble, and experimenting with different products on her own, until she finally got her skin under control. But then she noticed that the strong chemicals and ingredients in the products that worked for her came with their own side effects.

Skinopsis currently features four facial oils, but Alexander plans to expand the skincare line to include toners, serums, scrubs, and more.

“I tried so many different harsh products and methods and I noticed it was really taking a toll,” says Alexander. “I was about to turn 24 and I was like, ‘I cannot keep doing this to my skin. I need it to keep its youth as long as it can.’ That’s why I chose to go more natural. I figured I’ve learned so much and tried so much, let me do my research on essential oils and natural remedies and see how I can help others so they don’t have to go through the same things that I’ve gone through. I want to make people so much more confident about their skin and beauty. That’s my goal.” 

Today, Skinopsis features four different facial oils, each formulated to address the most common skin concerns: Don’t Get Blue is intended to clear up dark spots caused by acne, reduce inflammation, and prevent future breakouts for acne-prone skin; Soak It Up moisturizes and soothes dry, dull skin; Balancing Act balances skin and aids in clearing up hyperpigmentation, leaving skin with an overall healthy glow and tone; and Times Up, which calms and repairs skin damaged by breakouts. 

“It’s like aromatherapy plus skincare,” Alexander says of her product line. “Because my oils are a natural, intentional blend, they’re not only good for your skin, they’re also good for your mind, body, sleep, your soul. When you put this on your face, you instantly inhale it and you’re just calm or soothed or revitalized, depending on the blend.”

Eventually, Alexander plans to expand Skinopsis into a full line featuring toners, serums, scrubs, and even merch like essential-oil-infused pillowcases, which she’s hoping to release later this year. For now, she’s hosting pop-ups and events, and partnering with other brands in the Atlanta area to create brand awareness for her company.

Alexander says she’s grateful to work at WeWork, where her creativity is encouraged and the workplace culture is all about connection. “There are a lot of opportunities here,” she says. “You come into contact with so many people, especially in my role. You have to make the most of it, make the right connections, keep in contact with people.” 

As an example, Alexander mentions the trademark lawyer in her building who gave her advice about trademarking her products. She also uses her colleagues as a sounding board. One helped Alexander finalize her labels. Another offered advice for how to make her launch party feel like an experience instead of just showing off her products.

“I did go at this all by myself, so I definitely used my colleagues for help and advice throughout the whole process,” says Alexander. “They were an amazing resource, and I’m so grateful for them. I thanked them so much at the party.”

You can shop Skinopsis and follow the brand on Instagram at @skinopsis.co.

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