505 Main St

505 Main Street
          Fort Worth, TX 76102

4.6 | 5 reviews

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  • 505 Main St Coworking
    Building Exterior
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    Surrounding Neighborhood
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    אזור משותף
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    Meeting Booth
  • חדר ישיבות, 505 Main St
    חדר ישיבות
  • חדר ישיבות, 505 Main St
    חדר ישיבות
  • חדר ישיבות, 505 Main St
    חדר ישיבות
  • 505 Main St Coworking
  • 505 Main St Coworking
    חלל חיצוני

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505 Main Street Fort Worth, TX 76102
  • parking icon
    Sundance Square Garage 2 (1 block away)
  • freeway icon
    I-30 (0.5 miles away)
  • bus icon
    Molly at Commerce & 3rd St (1 block away)
  • bike icon
    B-Cycle at Sundance Square South (1 block away)

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What people are saying

4.6 | 5 Google reviews

Slingshot Bullpen
January 13, 2020
The staff, location, and facilities are all great! I would recommend WeWork to anyone!
Belle Galindo
August 28, 2019
Awesome staff.
August 28, 2019
WeWork is a great place to get work done and enjoy a fun social atmosphere!
Gabby Balderaz
August 28, 2019
WeWork is AWESOME!!! 😎😎
Amber McIntyre
August 27, 2019
Love the staff, the events and the space! Great place to bring clients and visiting employees.

Finding Office Space in Downtown Fort Worth

In a hub of business, culture, and entertainment, our Sundance Square Plaza workspace is a lively locale to put down roots. This multi-level office space features expansive lounges, well-connected conference rooms, and sleek private offices. The buses at Third, Houston, and Jones Street make commuting a breeze; plus, there’s onsite bike storage for cyclists. Need a break between meetings? Enjoy the sunshine on our outdoor terrace, or explore the shops and restaurants lining the Square. Ideally located in one of the fastest growing cities in the county, our coworking space in Downtown Fort Worth sets you up for success. Schedule a visit to find out more.

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