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19 Clifford St

19 Clifford St.
          Detroit, MI 48226

4.6 | 22 reviews

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  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Sisäinen portaikko
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Yhteisön oma baari
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (19 Clifford St)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (19 Clifford St)
    Yleiset tilat
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
    Sisäinen portaikko
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (19 Clifford St)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (19 Clifford St)
  • Yhteistyöskentely (Merchant's Row)

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19 Clifford St. Detroit, MI 48226
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    Woodward, I-696
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What people are saying

4.6 | 22 Google reviews

Xavier A. Honablue
February 15, 2020
Always great... every city.
Jeff Stoker
February 1, 2020
What a place to work.
Owice Aittaleb
January 7, 2020
Love working out of here!
Michael J Lambie
16. lokakuuta 2019
Dog friendly!!!
Lauren Rice
January 26, 2019
I have attended a few events here and I love how the space is designed and used for multiple purposes.
Dion Boose
22. marraskuuta 2018
I came in to check out the place and ended up joining the next day. So far the staff have been able to help me with my small scheduling issue. I love the vibe and the feel.
carrie paps
8. marraskuuta 2018
We just got a space here for our company and its fantastic. Great space, great people, beer on tap (Yes you read that right) and they have pop and snacks available for purchase
Bob Honeyman
23. marraskuuta 2017
I'd never heard of the company. They compete with Regus, a company I've used and respect. WeWork looks every bit as good as Regus. High compliment.
Nick DeNardis
18. marraskuuta 2017
Great space, friendly people and welcoming :)
Lisa Benedict
2. lokakuuta 2017
Excellent place for one day or several weeks. Bet accommodating.
Robert Walters
September 6, 2017
Great vibe for co-working, clean and well maintained
E-Bob vlogs
July 13, 2017
Love the location and services!
Ahmed Badr
March 17, 2017
Professionally Friendly community staff, the place it self has that energetic positive vibes that i needed
Steve Govern
March 8, 2017
This place is truly unique. Friendly staff, great location, and some freebies thrown in on Fridays.
Corliss Elizabeth Williams
February 20, 2017
Wonderful, welcoming, super professional staff. They made me feel at home the moment that I joined. Looking forward to working there a few days out of the week to break up my "working-from-home"-ness. Thank you!
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Downtown Detroit Office Space

Located on Woodward Avenue, this downtown Detroit office space is at the heart of downtown’s renaissance. WeWork Merchant’s Row features seven unique floors of coworking space in a restored historic building. A creative community like no other, teams of any size in design, tech, marketing, and beyond call this shared office space home. Since the city’s early days, business-savvy entrepreneurs and Detroiters alike flocked to Merchant’s Row, making the three-blocks-long district one of the busiest in the country. Thriving communities are back for the strip’s renewed vision as a central, pedestrian-friendly destination for shopping, eating, working, and living. Join in downtown Detroit’s renaissance by making the move to WeWork Merchant’s Row.

A Unique Office Space for Rent in Downtown Detroit

As the Renaissance City, Detroit inspired us to design a space that celebrates its local art scene. Merchant Row uses simple materials in innovative ways to give you and your team an accessible but elevated experience. It includes every workspace necessity you need like printing, conference rooms, and high speed internet. But what makes the space truly special is our vibrant community. Come find out for yourself and establish the future of your company’s legacy at WeWork Merchant’s Row.

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