Ten outdoor spaces designed for productivity in fresh air

Studies show being outdoors lowers the risk of disease transmission. These spaces allow you to take work outside

As we continue to learn more about how to reduce the spread of COVID-19, WeWork is applying the most up-to-date safety measures in all of our locations. 

We’ve already enhanced sanitisation practices, set distancing standards, and implemented state-of-the-art HVAC updates to bring fresh outdoor air inside—a key way to reduce the transmission of an airborne disease. In a Harvard University study, researchers estimated that the productivity benefits from doubling indoor ventilation rates averaged $6,500 per person per year. They proved that outside air is good for the brain, and your bottom line. 

In addition to updating WeWork’s indoor spaces, many of our locations also offer the added benefit of having beautiful outdoor spaces. As suggested by the Centers for Disease Control,  gathering outside rather than inside slows the possible spread of COVID-19. 

Outdoor work areas not only provide the open space required to reduce disease transmission but also fresh air benefits our cognitive functions and well-being. Sunlight diminishes our stress response, lowering our heart rate and blood pressure while stimulating reward neurons in the brain for higher productivity and creativity—something we could all use a bit more of right now. 

In the spirit of happiness, health, and productivity, WeWork has appointed our outdoor spaces with everything businesses need to be successful. There is high-speed WiFi and power for charging so that employees can get heads-down work done. Teams can collaborate around patios and connect with larger groups via outdoor projection screens. They can even bond over yoga or basketball at our outdoor studios and courts.

Take a look at how we’ve designed 10 outdoor spaces with employees’ productivity and safety in mind. 

Expansive views of the Sound 

Businesses at WeWork Viewpoint in Seattle can take in gorgeous views from this expansive outdoor deck overlooking Puget Sound. With chairs of all kinds and large communal tables, it’s the perfect solution for both focused solo work or open-air team meetings. 

Covered area with skyline vistas

This outdoor terrace at WeWork 1920 McKinney in Dallas offers a view of the city skyline, as well as two different seating areas for either heads-down work or group chats. 

A space for groups

Large terraces like the one at WeWork The Apollo in Washington, D.C., are ideal for taking meetings of any size. Adequate distance between movable seating configurations allows different groups to use the terrace simultaneously. 

Greenery as a natural separator

Employees at WeWork 101 N 1st Ave have access to a beautiful terrace with fantastic views of downtown Phoenix. Greenery provides a natural divider between seating areas, which keeps conversations more private and teams at a professional distance from one another. 

A courtyard on the Beltline 

Employees can embrace the Atlanta heat from WeWork 725 Ponce’s large courtyard. This sprawling outdoor area offers coworkers plenty of space for sitting and catching up, replacing indoor watercooler chat. Plus, this building is located on Atlanta’s Beltline, an outdoor walking path that’s perfect for getting in some midday exercise. 

Architectural views 

Employees can admire the historic architecture of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood from this open-air terrace at WeWork 501 Boylston St. Movable seats offer several options for meetings with various configurations. 

A slice of outdoor serenity 

The terrace at WeWork 1460 Broadway in New York City offers a welcome change of pace—and space—for employees looking to get some sun. Several individual seating pods allow for safe distancing, and umbrellas provide ample shade, helping to ensure that employees stay comfortable during extended periods of outdoor time. 

A modern, chic grove

Employees can work outside amid lots of greenery at WeWork Lantana in Santa Monica, CA, perfect for getting a change of scenery and perspective. The outdoor work grove here is ideal for taking calls and private one-on-one meetings, or just enjoying a few meditative moments during the workday.

Break a midday sweat

In addition to outdoor workspaces, locations like WeWork 1031 S Broadway in Los Angeles have outdoor recreation areas. These can be used to boost employees’ physical and mental health. 

Take meetings poolside 

Whether looking to get some laps in or lounge poolside, employees at WeWork Aventine in San Diego can take advantage of the city’s sunny days with an on-site pool. Amenities like this allow employees to blend work and play—a welcome combination during stressful times. 

As we return to work, WeWork will continue to reimagine our outdoor spaces. If you’d like to learn more about how we can creatively structure layouts, locations, and deals to serve your clients, please visit brokers at wework.com/brokers, or email brokers@wework.com to connect with us today.

David Zhai, WeWork’s global spatial experience team lead, oversees a diverse group of designers, architects, and workplace strategists in the development of product standards and strategies for programming and overall space planning.

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