One key to any office: a flexible option for workspace

With WeWork All Access, brokers can offer enterprise clients a creative, low-cost solution for office space

Your clients may have had big plans for 2020. Plans for renewing leases, expanding, maybe even building new offices. Unfortunately, during these unprecedented times, a lot of that has been put on hold across the board. And with so much market uncertainty, brokers and businesses are in a bind.

That’s why WeWork recently launched All Access, a simple, monthly membership that allows for ultimate flexibility and benefits globally. With one keycard, your clients’ employees can access hundreds of WeWork offices across 150 cities worldwide. They can make the most of what a best-in-class office has to offer: professional environments – from individual workstations to conference rooms to inspiring shared spaces that prioritise health and safety – all designed to optimise focus, encourage collaboration and maximise productivity.  

With All Access, while your clients are formulating their long-term return-to-work plans, you can provide them with a way to offset the downtime with a creative, low-cost solution for interim office space, positioning yourself as a valuable thought leader during challenging times. In addition to offering flexible commitment terms at affordable rates, there is no concern about up-front capital expenditure with All Access. And the best part? You’ll earn commission just as you would on any other standard WeWork membership agreement.

Moving forward, as property strategies shift and the future of work remains unclear, the importance of flexibility in commercial property portfolios has never been higher. That’s why All Access is the right solution for right now. Read on to find out more.

Be there for your clients

Businesses are struggling at the moment, as is employee morale. While working remotely from home may work well for some, most of us – especially people with children, housemates or other distractions at home – are yearning for a return to the office. In order to ensure that their workforce is happy and productive, executives need to provide employees with useful options for getting their work done. And with businesses challenged by managing people remotely, the need for a place to collaborate in person (while stringently adhering to safety protocols) is on the rise. 

All Access provides a solution to all of these concerns by giving businesses entry to hundreds of global WeWork offices, without the expense or planning period of signing a long-term lease. 

Supplement existing property

Some of your clients may have shut down their offices completely, prohibiting employees from returning until an unknown date. But it is likely that, at various times from month to month, some teams will still need to make use of office space. Whether it’s to host a board meeting or an executive leadership meeting, a business unit that absolutely needs to leverage components of the office to get their work done, a new business pitch in a professional setting or new recruit interviews, WeWork All Access provides a fitting environment. 

Our offices are always up to date with technology, stringent regarding sanitising and social distancing measures, and a reliable provider of Wi-Fi, printing and copying services. And it’s very likely we have a location that’s convenient to wherever your client’s workforce lives.  

WeWork is adaptable

Over the last several months, we have worked with many broker partners asking for professional spaces to meet with clients, bring their teams together and get work done. WeWork is filling this need with All Access. Whether for your own purposes, or as a solution that meets your clients’ goals, we encourage you to get in touch with us to start a collaborative dialogue about returning to the office.  

Read more about All Access, and if you’d like to find out more about how we can creatively structure deals, layouts and locations to serve your clients, please visit brokers at, or email to connect with us today.

Christa Alexander is an account director at WeWork where she is focused on developing relationships, understanding business challenges and partnering to provide flexible, creative solutions on a global scale. 

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