Five things your business needs to grow in 2021

From professional services to IT solutions, here’s what you need to help your business succeed this year

The start of a new year is a good time for business leaders to start thinking about how to make 2021 a successful year. A well-organised workspace is essential to making that happen. But apart from a set place to work, today’s companies need many more features, tools and services to be able to compete and succeed. 

From communities that expand your networks to enriching educational opportunities to first-rate technologies and security systems, the right combination of products and services is crucial for businesses to be successful. That’s why WeWork has developed a suite of tools and solutions that will help you grow and optimise your business, and take your brand to the next level.

Professional services to streamline your workflow

Research shows that nearly half of all business owners spend one day a week on administrative human resources paperwork. And 35 per cent of owners of young businesses (those that have been operating for 10 or fewer years) spend 6 to 10 hours a week on such tasks. Recruiting outside for professional services makes a business more efficient because it frees up time for leadership to focus on what matters most: driving business goals forward. 

To get you started, US–based WeWork members are eligible for discounted access (25 per cent off) to VensureHR’s suite of full-service business solutions. VensureHR can offer help with everything from payroll processing, HR, and benefits to accounting, insurance, recruiting and more. VensureHR handles your business logistics via bundled, à la carte or customised plans tailored to your needs. And since members pay only for the services you need, you can be sure that you’re making the most of VensureHR’s flexible solutions while saving precious time and resources.

Networking opportunities for growth and learning

Even though 2020 wasn’t very conducive to making new connections, networking and professional growth opportunities continue to be invaluable for today’s business leaders. Engaging with like-minded people in similar industries or markets provides a sense of community. Beyond that, these opportunities are bound to have a positive impact when you bring back these insights to your business. 

WeWork The Parq in Bangkok, Thailand.

WeWork members around the world have access to an incredible array of professional programming through WeWork Labs, a complimentary digital platform that fosters meaningful connections. Designed to meet our members’ personal and professional development needs, this innovative professional network offers personalised mentorship options with virtual one-on-ones, roundtables and webinars – at no extra cost to WeWork members. 

Also included are on-demand and live-streamed learning sessions as well as support groups focused on problem-solving, real-time collaboration and feedback. Our mission is to inspire WeWork’s global community to experiment, collaborate and learn together, and we’re always excited for what comes next, such as this year’s Leadership Academy for personal growth.

Enterprise-focused tech wherever you need it

A modern company can’t function without high-speed Internet, secure network connections, and at least some office equipment – even if it’s just a single computer to start. So whether your business is just beginning to take root or it’s in full flourish, you’ll need things like fast, reliable Wi-Fi and access to printing to ensure that it’s as simple as possible for your team to be productive. 

WeWork members of all sizes worldwide have access to enterprise-focused IT solutions for enhanced security, speed and performance. Our technology bundles – designed for your space type – include technology services such as private Wi-Fi for your exclusive use, an enterprise direct connect VPN so you’re always connected to your company’s network, on-site co-location and a private VLAN. With these perks and other full-stack IT solutions – which include hardware, set-up and support – your company can stand up dedicated, high-performance networks in WeWork locations around the globe. 

Secured assets and equipment

A security threat (either physical or digital) within a business presents a major roadblock to forward motion while everyone struggles to get back on track. That’s why, to match our digital safety standards, every WeWork facility is outfitted with security systems to protect you and your company. 

WeWork 80 Strand in Cape Town, South Africa.

With a 24/7 emergency call centre, networked CCTV cameras across locations, a global network of security professionals, and more, you’ll find that any WeWork location you use is fully equipped with your safety in mind. Members can even enhance security packages with more specialised offerings, like additional card readers and CCTV cameras for your specific workspace, electrified locking hardware and visitor reports. And for special events or designated groups that need to enter a WeWork location, we’ve developed add-ons like guest key cards and security personnel packages.

A flexible, customisable workspace

A functional yet beautiful office can boost productivity and employee morale. But businesses have distinct needs when it comes to customising their own workspaces. Elements like furniture, A/V accessories and branding accents aren’t one-size-fits-all, which is why WeWork offers a catalogue of office add-ons

These are features that members can purchase to fit out their own offices, curated by WeWork design experts and formatted to fit WeWork spaces. You can pick and choose what works for you, from tools like whiteboards and wall mounts to all sorts of innovative products that will help your business grow and succeed well into the future. WeWork takes care of procurement, delivery and installation. 

WeWork’s mission has always been to help people and companies do their best work. And by building on the workspace that works best for you, our new features can help you start thinking about more ways to move forward and up. So when you’re looking for expert professional services, networking opportunities or simply a securely wired space to get back to business this year, remember: WeWork has the infrastructure and business solutions to support you through it all. 

Anastasia Dyakovskaya is an award-winning content producer, creative consultant and native New Yorker living in Madrid. Her clients include Bain & Company, Edelman, Getty Images and others, and she holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of St Andrews.

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