A day in the life of not working from home

Follow along as two people work in two different third spaces: a coffee shop and a WeWork location

Working from home is difficult. There are a lot of distractions pulling you away from your work – or, there are too few, and you just really miss the buzz of being around people. Enter the so-called third space. This is a public area, like a cafe, a library or a shared workspace. Follow along as two people spend the day working in two different third spaces: a coffee shop and a WeWork location.

Leaving for the day

Your day starts the same as every other: pack your things and head out the door.

Getting fuel and a seat

Get in line for an expensive latte and try to hold on to your seat at the cafe. At WeWork, on the other hand, settle in with a bottomless mug of coffee for free. You’ll have your choice of a variety of seating options and common areas to set you up for success for the day.

Finding some privacy

In a cafe, you may need to shout on your business call to be heard over the din. At WeWork, simply grab a phone box or a conference room to take calls in a quiet, private space.

What’s the WiFi password?

Unreliable WiFi? Goodbye. Find speedy and secure WiFi in every WeWork space. Printers are one of those things you don’t realise you need until you need one. Every WeWork location has printers for just this situation. Working in a cafe? Your best bet is to find a printer in another shop nearby.

Gathering the team

Ask your team to pull up a chair around a crowded table at the cafe. Or, get some elbow room and work together productively by using a conference room or any other open, collaborative space at WeWork.

Celebrating the day’s end 

Finished for the day? You can leave work behind feeling tired from sitting in the same chair all day, or you can feel energised and motivated from being in a space purposefully designed to allow you to do your best work.

Ivan Ehlers is a writer and cartoonist in Los Angeles.

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