Custom Builds

Empower your workforce to do what they love with a WeWork customised workspace that brings your vision and brand to life. Our partnership-based approach marries your distinct aesthetic and culture with WeWork’s revolutionary design philosophy and technology. Whether your company needs a handful of offices, a floor, or even a whole building, we can build at scale to meet your needs. If you can dream it, we can build it.
Get in touch and we’ll help you build a customised workspace that embodies your brand.

With more than 400 locations worldwide, we’re experts at creating inspired, cost-effective spaces.

As unique as you

From open layouts to amphitheatres, event spaces, recording studios, innovation labs, brainstorming rooms or outdoor terraces, our team of architects and designers work hand-in-hand with partners to create fully customisable workspaces. We design and build thoughtfully and efficiently, creating work environments that maximise your team’s full potential. Plus, we’re leveraging data and new technologies to help you better understand the relationship between your people and your space. Whether it’s measuring usage, personalising the work experience, connecting with your global team or managing your space, our technology platforms put your business in the future.

Your end to end solution

With our in-house team of property, architecture, design, and construction experts, WeWork is a one stop shop to get your dream office up and running. We collaborate with you from start to finish, and beyond to create a work environment that embodies your unique brand. In addition to building and setting up your workspace, we also take care of operations. From IT to electricity, cleaning, HVAC, reception and facilities management, we’ve got the inner workings of your office space covered.

Whether your company needs part of a floor, a whole floor, or even a whole building, we can build at scale to meet your needs.


We absorb the costs associated with designing and building your new office, eliminating the upfront capital investment you would traditionally need for a conventional lease setting. Through our comprehensive approach, we cover your ongoing cost of operations and management. WeWork also introduces elasticity to a traditionally inelastic process through flexible commitment periods, allowing for greater agility when navigating the changing demands of your business.