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What is WeWork?

WeWork is the community of creators. We transform buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces and provide infrastructure, services, events and technology so our members can focus on doing what they love.


Our goal is to make your office feel like home. Show up with your computer, phone, and passion; we'll take care of the rest.


We create environments where individual pursuit and collaboration collide at weekly events, inside our mobile app, and through serendipitous encounters in our halls and lounges.


As a member, you’ll enjoy perks from flexible month-to-month membership plan to special deals on healthcare, payroll, hosting, legal services, travel, fitness, you name it.


We have an incredibly diverse mix of members - startups, small businesses, freelancers, writers, independent film makers, you name it. One thing they all share is an entrepreneurial spirit. Being a part of this powerful community helps them achieve much more together than they could individually.

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