Get access to a special office at a preferred rate

Startup Grind x WeWork

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Startup Grind and WeWork have partnered up to help Entrepreneurs and other start-ups across the UK come together and work under the same community. Because we both share the mission of looking to help creators do their best work, we have opened up our doors to a special office for the Startup Grind Network of a preferred rate at our newest locations. Together we want to empower you, help you in growing your business and provide you with access to space, amenities and a global community.

The benefits of joining WeWork

Our workspace design features private offices (for teams of 1–100+) with glass walls to maintain privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light. Common spaces have a distinct aesthetic and vibe that will inspire your team, as well as the guests you bring into our buildings.
Choose one of our 4 memberships: On demand, hot desk, dedicated desk or private office and get the most suitable option for you!

Included in our spaces

All WeWork worspaces are filled with :

  • Сверхскоростной интернет
    Проводная сеть (Ethernet) и Wi-Fi во всех офисах WeWork.
  • Принтеры бизнес-класса
    На каждом этаже офисного центра WeWork имеется минимум одно многофункциональное устройство (копир/сканер/принтер).
  • Spacious and unique common areas
    Кроме прекрасного общего рабочего пространства, в наших помещениях формата "Закрепленное место" и "Отдельный офис" также имеются столы, стулья, настольные лампы и закрываемые на замок шкафы для личных вещей.
  • Бесплатные угощения
    Get free micro-roasted coffee, tea, and fruit water at every WeWork location
  • Onsite staff from 9am to 6pm
    We have onsite Community Managers available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Телефонные будки
    На всех этажах имеются телефонные будки.
  • Уборка помещений
    Во всех зонах общего пользования и отдельных офисах ежедневно выполняется уборка.


С тарифным планом "We Membership" легко налаживать связи с десятками тысяч резидентов WeWork, которым нужны ваши услуги и услуги которых нужны вам. Где бы вы ни находились, с помощью нашего мобильного приложения и внутренней сети вы можете использовать массу возможностей нашего разнообразного мирового сообщества.

    В тарифный план включены 2 кредита в месяц на бронирование рабочего пространства или переговорных комнат в конкретных офисах с 9:00 до 18:00 с понедельника по пятницу.
    Вы можете выбрать любой офисный центр. Дополнительное рабочее пространство: $50/день.
    Включено 2 кредитов с возможностью купить больше.
    Daily Workspace: $50/day
    Conference Rooms: Starting at $25/hour
    Mail & Package Handling*: $50/month

*Mail & Package handling not available in all locations.

Dedicated desks at a glance

This plan gives you 24/7 access to a desk (or desks) in a private, open area. Dedicated Desks are permanent, meaning you will work from the same spot all day, every day. Not only that, but this plan also gives you the opportunity to collaborate easily with members around you, giving you the best parts of working in a community while still having space to do your own thing.
With a Dedicated Desk, you get a chair, lamp, trash can, and filing cabinet. You also have printing, mail and package services.

    Круглосуточный доступ в выбранный вами офисный центр.
    Выберите офисный центр. Рабочее пространство в другом офисном центре: $50/день.
    Включено 5 кредитов с возможностью купить больше.
    Переговорная комната: от $25/час

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho.

Незакрепленные места: краткий обзор

WeWork's Hot Desk plans give you the opportunity to connect with the WeWork community while staying true to yourself. Offered at a starting price of $220/month, Hot Desks are perfect for those who need flexible, 24/7 access to workspace, but not necessarily a private office, or even the same desk every day. With the Hot Desk plan, you’ll pick a primary WeWork location, show up when you want, grab any open seat in the Hot Desk common area, and start working. A new seat each day means new conversations with future collaborators, with the peace-of-mind of always having an outlet for your computer, not having to buy coffee, and access to impressive conference rooms for your next big meeting.

  • Доступ
    Круглосуточный доступ в выбранный вами офисный центр.
  • Офисный центр
    Выберите офисный центр. Рабочее пространство в другом офисном центре: $50/день
  • Кредиты
    2 included, with the ability to buy more.
    *Credits can be used towards reserving conference rooms and workspace and for printing. You'll be able to purchase as many credits as you like. 1 credit costs $25.
  • Дополнительные услуги
    Conference Rooms: Starting at £20/hour
    Mail & Packaging Handling*: £33/month

*24/7 Access is not available in Soho. Mail & package handling is available in all countries except the U.K.

Private office at a glance

Our private, secure offices can accommodate companies of 1-100+ so you won’t lose the sense of being together as a team. Private offices feature glass walls to promote transparency and encourage collaboration among members. Each space is move-in ready and customizable to fit your needs and company culture.

    Круглосуточный доступ в выбранный вами офисный центр.
    Выберите офисный центр.
    От 12 кредитов в месяц в зависимости от размера офиса.
    Daily Hot Desk in another location: 2 credits or $50/day
    Conference Rooms: Starting at 1 credit or $25/hour
    Business Phone: $60/month per line


Current WeWork members and/or their respective employees, parents, affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate. Redeemable at only one location. The Promotion is subject to change at any time and without notice, and may end at any time and without notice. Terms & Conditions apply.