Why the office remains invaluable to Ornikar’s company culture and growth

The progressive French startup prioritizes flexible, scalable and well-designed space to support expansion plans and employee experience.

Paris, France – 1 August 2023. A key disruptor in driver education and road safety in France, Ornikar has made a name for itself by digitizing the driving school industry to provide more accessible support and resources for younger people seeking greater autonomy through passing their driving test. Building on its success in France, Ornikar introduced car insurance to its range of services in 2020. To support its continued growth and to strengthen its company culture, Ornikar has partnered with WeWork since 2020 for its flexible, scalable and intentionally designed workspace that marries business needs with employee experience. 

Maud Cadeau, Chief People and Corporate Officer at Ornikar, said “At Ornikar, we pride ourselves on our strong company culture, and we see workspace playing an integral part in this. Our workforce is a unique blend of experts in both innovation and insurance, and so it’s important for the various functions to have space to collaborate with one another, and feel inspired. Our strategic decision to move our headquarters to WeWork 172 Boulevard De La Villette in Paris was motivated by WeWork’s unmatched flexibility and thoughtful design, not only supporting our growth plans but meeting our desire to provide a creative, welcoming space that our employees want to work from. ”

With its first year at WeWork 172 Boulevard De La Villette in the midst of the pandemic, Ornikar was able to adapt and enhance its space based on evolving needs: “Before moving into our WeWork space, we had moved offices several times. Now, we can adapt our space to meet our needs without changing address.” 

Today, with an entire private floor, the company has a dynamic, considered office layout that offers both quiet corners where employees can complete focus tasks, as well as collaborative hubs that facilitate brainstorming and team catch ups. Ornikar’s HQ workforce also values WeWork’s on-site Community team who support their daily office needs. 

“Having a team to look after the day-to-day tasks of running an office is invaluable” confirms Maud Cadeau. “As we continue to grow our business, we value the fact that our teams can focus on their work, and WeWork’s Community team can take care of the rest.”

Rebecca Nachanakian, General Manager of WeWork Southern Europe, Benelux and Nordics said: “At WeWork, we continue to see more demand from forward-thinking companies choosing inspiring, scalable workspace that makes sense for their employees and bottom line. Ornikar is a prime example of this, and their experience as a WeWork member perfectly embodies our core mission; which is to go beyond just office footprint, and provide members with an experience that they don’t want to miss out on.”


About WeWork

WeWork (NYSE: WE) was founded in 2010 with the vision to create environments where people and companies come together and do their best work. Since then, we’ve become one of the leading global flexible space providers committed to delivering technology-driven turnkey solutions, flexible spaces, and community experiences. For more information about WeWork, please visit us at wework.com. 

About Ornikar

Expert of driving pedagogy since 2013, the company has been able to disrupt the traditional driving school sector by democratising it through its online platform that connects students and certified driving instructors, as well as dramatically reduced prices compared to traditional driving schools. In less than ten years, the company founded by Benjamin Gaignault and Flavien le Rendu has revolutionised the traditional driving school model by becoming the benchmark platform for driver training in France, with more than 2.5 million customers. The initiator of the #PermisPourTous scheme, which has become the government’s RdvPermis platform, set up to put an end to the abnormally long waiting times for online driving schools, Ornikar is officially recognised by the French government as an approved driving school offering a serious alternative to the traditional route. It offers driving licence training at rates that are almost 35% cheaper. Since 2022, Ornikar has been a member of ‘Next40’, French Governmental label, promoting the 40 most promising young companies to become future technological leaders.