WeWork acquires Unomy

Here at WeWork, technology underpins our mission and everything we do. From the design and development of our buildings, to our member services, to our sales processes and operations, technology is the foundation for our global platform. So, when we saw a need for our sales operation to respond to increased demand from large enterprise member companies, we started looking for a software solution that would allow us to capitalize on that extra demand.

We are thrilled to announce today that we are acquiring Unomy, an Israeli sales and marketing intelligence platform that helps businesses connect with new customers. As WeWork has worked with Unomy over the past year, we have met and enjoyed working with its co-founders, Gal Har Zvi and Ori Manor, and have seen firsthand the quality and efficacy of their highly-specialized software and their talented team. Unomy marks our first acquisition in Israel and they are an exciting addition to our digital center of excellence in Tel Aviv.

For WeWork, Unomy’s platform will become the backbone of our growing internal sales platform. The Unomy software will be integrated into WeWork’s current systems and the Unomy team—now part of our sales and marketing and digital products groups—will work with our enterprise sales team to help them go to market most effectively and improve their targeting capabilities, conversion rates, and productivity. More broadly, the Unomy team will also help streamline sales processes, build robust sales intelligence infrastructure, and close member prospects for our enterprise and regional sales teams around the world.

We’ve seen a great deal of momentum among our enterprise members, which now account for nearly 30 percent of sales and represent 20 percent of our 130,000 members around the world. WeWork now plays host to blue chip names like Microsoft, Bacardi, Bank of America and Salesforce. As a result of this growth, our enterprise teams rely increasingly on broad and highly-specialized data sets.

This is an exciting step forward for us as we continue to invest in our digital product and technology operations around the world, and we couldn’t be happier to welcome everyone to the WeWork family.