WeWork Survey Reveals Conditions Necessary for Successful Return to Work

New York, NY, —WeWork, in partnership with research and strategy firm brightspot strategy, has today released the results of a new survey that examines the policies and conditions that most impact an employee’s performance after returning to the workplace.

Conducted in October before another wave of COVID-19 forced many employees back to working from home, the blind survey assessed the impact of company policies and conditions on the self-reported performance of employees. It found that across all four metrics evaluated, employees said they had an overall boost in performance since returning to the office. 

With widespread vaccine distribution on the horizon, it’s critical for businesses to understand and apply the best policies for their eventual return to the workplace to ensure improved employee performance and business success.

Among the Key Findings:

  • Those who returned to the office four to five days a week reported a 54 percent increase in morale compared to working from home. Of all employees who returned to the office anywhere from one to five days, there was an over 40 percent rise in morale.
  • The impact of a company providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer had the most positive impact on self-reported employee performance with company culture, improving 11 percent.
  • Those who said “working from home was not effective” saw an 18 percent rise in connection to company culture when back in the office.
  • Employees who thought their company’s handling of returning to the workplace was effective, reported it led to instilled confidence with a 7 percent improvement in collaborative productivity and 12 percent improvement in connection to company culture.

The survey  was representative of professional office employees across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe, and set out to determine the conditions that made employees more satisfied and productive when they returned to the office after working from home. It was designed as a blind survey, with no reference to WeWork or assessment of coworking. 

About WeWork

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